How to run the power supply without PC ?

How to run the power supply without PC ?
You will need:
  • Preparation.
  • System unit.
  • Remove the power supply.
  • Run.
# 1

computer consists of several parts, and provides them with a stable power supply voltage.As a result of the failure of the work of any part of, the computer may stop working.A power supply without a working computer may not start.Therefore, first of all it is necessary to check the power supply.And that, incidentally, does not damage other parts of the computer, it must be pulled out of the housing.Consider how to run the power supply without PC?To do this, you need to prepare a few things: a Phillips screwdriver, not four thick copper stranded wire insulated with a length of 15-20 cm More need light from a flashlight, a motorcycle or a car capacity of not more than 2 watts or candles, soldering or adhesive tape..Also tester for measuring stress.

# 2

In the beginning, it is necessary to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, turn on the water for 5-10 seconds and hold hands under the tap.Wet water and 10-20 secon

ds with both hands held out for a faucet.This will act with body static electricity, and it is very dangerous to microprocessor technology.Next, disconnect the cables from the system unit, put on the table, on the right side (when viewed from the front).Above is the protective wall of the housing, which is fixed with two screws to the rear of the chassis.Remove the screws and push the wall.When it comes out of the slot to remove it.Access to the inner parts of the system unit.

# 3

In the corner is a metal box with a lot of small holes or slots.This is the power supply.And it departs from many wires.They are connected through connectors to different parts of the computer.Carefully disconnect them.Special care to comply with respect to the motherboard.The fingers of one hand to hold the edge of the board, so as not to tear it out of the housing, and the second arm pull connectors.Release of compounds, unscrew the 4 screws on the rear panel, and pull out the power supply.Put it on the table.Find the largest connector with holes about 2 mm in the 20 + 4-pin.If it is not containment and visible color wires gently move it.

# 4

Release harvested wire ends at 5 mm from the insulation.Two wires are soldered, on the one hand, to the contacts bulb.In the absence of soldering wires can be neatly attached with tape.One free end inserted into the connector hole, which fits the black wire and the other end depends on the light bulb voltage.If it's 3.5 volts, then the hole with an orange wire, 6-volts with red, and the 12-volt with yellow.The remaining two wires are inserted into the connector openings, which suited the black and green wires.Turn on the network.Close the wires inserted into the nests of green and black wires.Measure the voltage tester between black and consistently, orange (+3.3 v), red (+5.0 v) and yellow (+12 v) wires.If the voltage is OK, and the power supply is normal.But if there was a question how to run the power supply without a computer, it means that there was a failure of the system.And in this case it is best left to professionals.And then the computer will still give a good mood for a long time.