How to build inner thigh ?

How to build inner thigh ?
You will need:
  • Rod
  • Good mood
  • desire to achieve results
# 1

What would pump up the thigh muscles, do not need to necessarily go to the gym, spending a hugemoney, you can perform the same exercises at home and, more importantly, to do it right.The first thing you will need for a more effective result - a bar.It is an additional burden, from which the effectiveness of the exercise will increase, that simply can not fail to please any person, the matter of concern of the figure.

# 2

To achieve the correct result should be performed periodically exercise, best of all, it's a day.But if the muscles begin to hurt very much, you should wait until they are in a normal condition and continue to exercise, otherwise they can be pumped, which is not very good effect on the body shape and physical condition of the body.

# 3

Since the pump inner thigh?So, you need to exercise to get up straight, feet shoulder width apart, shoulders to keep exactly the same and they keep the bar, but not the

neck, otherwise the result will be different.The back must be kept flat, slouch in any case impossible.It is necessary to take a deep breath and start doing sit-ups, but to do them slowly, that would not increase muscle mass, and pumped.Squat is necessary to level the stool, you need to try to imagine what it supposedly doing squats.To fix a position for a few seconds and then return to its original position.Now you can exhale.

# 4

Such exercises should be done on the four approaches, for 15-20 repetitions.If this sounds like too much hard, it is reduced to the two approaches, and gradually increase to normal.How to build the inner thigh muscles in this exercise and why fast?From the fact that in such squat bar is present on the thigh muscle strain obtained double, are utilized different muscle groups, and help to improve not only the type of the hips, buttocks and will make a very appetizing.The main thing is not to forget about the flat back, and indeed slouch still no one painted, so you should accustom themselves to good posture all the time, not just during exercise.

# 5

Such exercises on the inner thigh muscles, it would be nice to fix the result of another exercise.Its easy to do and can be executed on, straight for watching your favorite show or movie.For him, it is necessary to lay down sideways, the bottom hand hold the head and the other hand to pull the body along and make ups the upper legs, with which it had been slightly bent.Banal exercise that is known to almost every woman, but effective.These upgrades should be done for three sets of 20 times with one foot, and the same with the other leg.

# 6

Such exercises on the muscles of the hips should be done at least every other day, in the worst case, two days later.If done correctly, this will be enough, that would be a fairly short period of time to create a beautiful shape legs.All of these exercises, plus the fact that they do not have to go to the gym and spend money, but you can just do it at home, while watching your favorite show or listening to good music.Good luck!