How to build press home to the cubes for 1 week?

How to build press home to the cubes for 1 week?
You will need:
  • mat or soft surface
  • athletic, comfortable clothing
  • desire and willpower
  • 10-15 minutes of free time
# 1

order thatI would instead appear flabby belly press and cubes do not need to visit a gym, a fitness centers.This task is easily done at home, without any extra costs for subscriptions.Many will say that it is impossible to pump up the press this week, but it is not so!So, if there was a question: "how to pump up the press at home for 1 week", the first thing you need to adjust the power.Very large effect on muscle mass has just the food, but if a person has a body fat, then no matter how much he did not strengthen the muscles, they will remain under the fat layer.

# 2

First of all you need to eat at least four times a day, and if the morning awakening occurs not later than seven o'clock in the morning, then five times.Also it plays an important role is the food that a person consumes.For the most rapid result must be removed from the diet of flour products, fatty

dairy products and sweets, except jelly and marshmallow.On the day you need to drink at least half liters of clean water - it will help speed up the metabolism.You need to focus on protein foods and vegetables.The protein is known to be the main part in the muscle structure.

# 3

After adjusting the power you need to pay attention to when to start doing exercise.Swing the press stands up to food, but two hours after.During a two-hour break, the food almost digested, whereas during exercise will work just muscle tissue rather than the process of digestion.If there is a goal, not only to achieve cubes press, but also to reduce body fat, it is better to postpone the use of food for an hour - two.In that case, when a person wants to increase muscle mass, the meal can be done immediately after exercise.Next, you can start to exercise.

# 4

The question of how to quickly pump up the press to cubes, requires a lot of effort, patience and willpower of man.Before class is warm up and pull your abdominal muscles.To do this, you need to make a bend to the right, left, forward, backward, and to finish the workout pelvis clockwise rotation in the opposite direction.Warming up muscles play an important role in the process of pumping the press, otherwise, the muscle tissue will be damaged, and the next morning the stomach will hurt, so that people lose all motivation to achieve their goals.Exercises to strengthen the press need to pay about 10-15 minutes, the feeling during the process should resemble a burning sensation.

# 5

So the first exercise is called "twist".It must comply with lying, and the legs are bent and rest on the floor at an angle of about 90-100 degrees, and kept his hands behind his head.This is followed by raising the body to the maximum, and, at the same time, try to touch the left elbow right leg, then down.The number of repetitions should be at least 20 times, three - four approaches.With each passing day the number of housing uplifts should be increased, and approaches remain unchanged.To achieve results quickly, after each call to do normal lifting body - ten times.

# 6

second exercise aims to lower the press, namely its formation requires a lot of effort to achieve the desired result.Of course, in the lower abdomen cubes can not be seen at the end of the weekly exercises, but the fat layer disappears.First you need to take a position lying on a rug or other soft surface, then put his hands along the body, and stretch your palms on the floor.After that, start to raise his legs slowly to forty-five degrees and lowered to the bottom.Repetitions of the same as in the previous exercise, it is necessary to make at least twenty four - five trips.

# 7

following exercise, as the first is aimed at the formation of the oblique abdominal muscles.They create a beautiful silhouette of a wasp waist.It should lie on the floor, as in the previous exercise, and then lift the leg, but not directly, but towards the left shoulder, then to the right.Make it twenty repetitions in three approaches.After that, if there is a number of people who can help, ask him to get around the exercising of the head.In this position, he who performs an exercise should begin to lift your legs straight, but the one who helps, starts to push his legs with great force.Making such a raising three sets of ten.

# 8

fourth exercise strengthens and the lower and upper press.It should lie on the floor, his hands folded behind his head.It is worth noting that this exercise requires a large enough coordination.Next, bend your knees, and begin to raise the foot at the same time with the body, relying only on the buttocks.Perhaps, having no experience, people will be filled up forward or backward, but if you learn how to do this exercise, the result will not take long.Repeat lifting body and legs should be ten or fifteen times, at least three approaches.

# 9

If you perform all of the above recommendations, instead of thinking about how to pump up the press at home before the dice man or woman will get the perfect body.The main thing to remember that the most important regular exercise in any sport.After achieving the desired result, it is desirable to exercise not to cast, and to repeat them at least three times a week.Power, which is given above in the article, you need to try to maintain throughout life, and on weekends to make small exceptions in the form of a piece of cake or any other dessert.