How to improve the navigator : the characteristics of the gadget

How to improve the navigator : the characteristics of the gadget
You will need:
  • car navigator
  • external antenna for navigation systems
  • device mount navigator
# 1

The instructions that come complete with a GPS-navigators, notyou can always find the answers to certain questions.Described below instructions for setting up, operation and selection of these devices to avoid problems and make use of the device as simple and comfortable.

# 2

One of the most common problems - poor reception from the satellite signal.The optimal solution for those who do not know how to improve navigation and enhance the received signal - to purchase an external antenna and set it on the windshield (.. T to the metal roof of the machine may impair the quality of signal reception).The only thing you need to consider: connectors for external antenna has not in all models of gadgets.

# 3

Not less difficulty arises when installing the device in a car.On how to strengthen the navigator, usually stated in the manual, but there are some general rules.Firstly, it should be

mounted at a distance from metal objects, otherwise it will periodically disappear from the satellite coverage area and there will be error in the display of current coordinates.Secondly, it should be located closer to the driver's seat so that he could effortlessly reach it with his hand.And, of course, the navigator should not obstruct the view of the road.

# 4

Very important is the question of how to calibrate the navigator.Work with non-calibrated display becomes a real torture for the user, as the device starts to properly respond to the touch of a finger or stylus.Call the calibration menu, you can hold your finger on the screen or holding down the power button for 30 seconds.Then you need to touch a black dots thin object - stylus.At the end of the process to confirm completion of the calibration, then you can safely proceed to the operation of the device, thus improving the performance of the gadget.

# 5

Many models are equipped with GPS-navigators feature sound overhead.But the standard voice might like is not for everyone.Users who wish to learn how to change the voice navigator, can quickly solve the problem, just download on the website of a manufacturer of devices additional voice packets, and using a computer to unzip the contents to the desired folder on the internal storage gadget.Typically, this folder is the name of the Sounds, but it depends on the specific model.

# 6

Also, difficulties arise when buying the device, because in today's market are hundreds of different models of navigation devices, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, those who do not know how to choose the browser, should avoid further problems to pay attention to criteria such as screen size, memory size, battery capacity, the ability to play video, photos and audio files, the presence of FM-transmitter, hands-free functionand others. by following these guidelines, each user can easily customize and improve your GPS-navigator and use make it the most enjoyable, easy and convenient.