How to quickly pump up biceps : exercise and nutrition

How to quickly pump up biceps : exercise and nutrition
You will need:
  • Exercise
  • Stable workout
  • Sport bar
  • Sport dumbbell
  • load weight Increase
  • balanced, proper diet
# 1

big, strong, powerful hands want to have many men.But when making day-to-day arm exercises do not increase, then you need to start using the simple and important rules.Much depends on the loads that are on hand.Light dumbbells - is not an option, as quickly pump up biceps succeed only on the loads.It requires constant weight gain.Dumbbells and barbells should have a lot of weight.But as soon as the hand can not be overloaded, possibly muscle strain.Please refer to the coach, who will make an individual training program.Perform the exercises should be 2 times a week, or every other day.Muscles need recovery vacation.For lessons on inflation of the biceps at home will need to buy the barbell and dumbbells.

# 2

main purpose of the biceps is flexion arm at the elbow, it follows that the entire exercise is the main part in these movements.If for some time performed speci

fic exercises to increase the biceps and the result - zero, change the program scheme.Training on the biceps should take no more than an hour.Further, it should do pull the lower grip, traction in the slope of the reverse grip.To increase the strength enough to carry out this exercise 8 times, but for the increase in the volume of the frequency of repeats 15 times for 3 sets.These exercises should be alternated, each time increasing the load gradually.There are other tips on how to quickly pump up biceps, if they are not developed.

# 3

One of the most effective exercises in the pumped biceps lifting a barbell standing.We need to stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart to breed, take the post.For this purpose there is a special curved rod with T-stamped.Post, raised to the breast should be lightly hold in this position, then slowly lower, but not completely.Hands should be in a state of stress.In performing this exercise involving many muscle groups in the hand, such as top and bottom of the biceps and forearms top.To warm up the muscles should begin to rise to 60% of the operating weight, which rises gradually increasing.The second approach is made with 90% by weight of the core.And last campaign - 100% of the weight.This is followed by a break and continue repeating 100% by weight.

# 4

Lifting dumbbells while standing enjoyed great attention from professionals.Feet shoulder width apart, in each hand dumbbell.Alternately lifting dumbbells to your chest, you need to follow the elbow, which should be pressed firmly against the body.If the mass is too heavy dumbbells, it is possible to do a little jerk when lifting.Lower the arm to be slow, but again not to the end of bending.Lifting dumbbells can be done lying down, with a slight slope of 45%.the feet must be firmly fixed on the floor.Hands with dumbbells are raised simultaneously and also descend slowly.Lifting dumbbells can be done while sitting straight, alternately lifting dumbbells.All exercises are done on a "vacation - pause."Each exercise is performed smoothly, with a focus on biceps, holding his hand in a stressed state.

# 5

on weight gain with dumbbells or barbells need to move gradually.As already stated previously, the training starts with a 60% of the operating weight, increasing to 90%, followed by 100% lifting weights on a barbell or dumbbells.Since the forces at the end of this exercise does not remain, but the weight should be increased, should hang 110% of the operating weight on the barbell and approximately every 6 to try to lift it until it stops, then put, to rest hands 15 seconds, then lift the times 3, again for breath20 seconds and then raise a couple of times.It turns out that the weight increase was the next time you need will come from already working volume of 110%.Due to this, the muscles begin to work at full capacity and volume increases.And if you increase the curb weight, biceps increased accordingly.

# 6

How quickly pump up biceps without proper caloric intake.Diet is very important in muscle building.Without certain foods the body will not receive additional carbohydrates, amino acids and proteins, that is, those that will be spent on training.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body 1 is required per day to increase muscle mass.Every day in the morning after waking up for 20 minutes should be tightly lunch meat, fish, chicken, eggs.For dessert, eat yogurt, nuts, legumes.Cheese and dairy products are a fount of proteins.After training to be good food, snacks will not do.Protein shakes are also useful, but only to make up the calories cocktails fail.Smoking is also not conducive to increasing the muscle.

# 7

There are a few safety rules that should be used to prevent damage to health: it is not necessary to raise the severity of right wrist before lifting the rod a little better to tilt the wrist down.Places great emphasis on the work of muscles, rather than the large load.Proper technique will give great results, but we need to ensure that no pumped biceps.Slow implementation of all exercises and acceptable load will give quick results.Home monitoring and enforcement of all rules.