How to strengthen the cell signal?

How to strengthen the cell signal?
You will need:
  • Mobile telfon
  • Antenna
  • Repeater
# 1

Which is why there are problems with cellular signal?The fact is that during a call or send SMS to a mobile phone and there is the operator station radio frequency from 500 to 2500 Hz, in which transmitted and everything that is said or written by the subscriber.But there are disturbances in the formation of such channels.One of them - the construction of the way of the signal.Hardest prevent radio-concrete house, from which the signal is very well reflected, thereby weakening and disappearing after a while.The second possible obstacle - a lack of operator stations nearby.To avoid falling into an awkward position and stay in touch, you need to know how to amplify the signal of cellular communication.

# 2

There are several options of how to strengthen the signal.You can buy an outdoor antenna, adjust it for signal amplification and fix the house.This antenna catches the signal is much better than a mobile phone.And at first it was t

he antenna will receive the signal over the air, and only then transfer it to the phone.And the loss of communication in such a situation can not be afraid.There are disadvantages in outdoor antennas - high price and relatively poor strength which will not sustain strong hurricanes.But it is quite convenient to place anywhere in the holiday village.Enhance cellular signal can be another way - with the help of an internal antenna for your phone.They are very cheap and affordable.They can be fastened to almost any cell phone.After calling such an antenna can be compactly folded, the phone did not take up too much space.With the internal antenna is amplified signal directly to your mobile phone.That is, simply amplifies the effect of that antenna which is already integrated in the production of the machine.

# 3

However, increasing cellular signal through the internal antenna is not always effective, because sometimes a person gets this far, that no antenna will not help, because the base station operator to hundreds of kilometers.What to do in such a situation?Most remain without communication?No!It can be purchased relay which acts as an antenna, but size and cost much less, which allows use even any house roof.If you need high-quality and uninterrupted communication in remote corners of the stations, then there is not do without professional equipment, which transmits a signal in much the same quality as the station, but it is designed only for a few radio channels simultaneously.This cell signal booster can be installed only by qualified personnel.But the quality justifies the cost and complexity of the installation!