How to set up the sound on a laptop ?

How to set up the sound on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Laptop
  • Sound Setup
# 1

sound disappears as personal computers and laptops due to the fact that a person does not have enough skillshow to adjust the sound correctly.The reasons for his absence may be different - wrong adjustment of sound, to lose the sound card, change the settings in the operating system itself.The very first step that needs to be done to bring the sound quality to normal, - adjust the volume control.By default, it is always at the minimum settings, so the user is not yet familiar with this kind of technique, not frightened.Quiet sounds only help to orient the beginner to the notebook.To change this uncomfortable volume level, do not need expert knowledge on how to customize the sound on a laptop.You just need to press the key combination (almost all laptops) "Fn" and the right arrow or left - it all depends on whether you need to increase or decrease the volume.

# 2

If the manipulation of the volume control does not help, you need to take the help o

f foreign programs.For example, Windows has a built-in program "Sound Mixer", where you can manage the sliders, changing the sound volume, balance, tone frequency.There are also more advanced program with enhanced functionality, they can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.They allow you to put in place of the standard sound all that like, from the list of downloaded on the Internet.Also, they can be used to change some of the settings in the sound card, which is why the effect of the change is felt much better.It is a normal situation when the original sound in the laptop is turned off completely, ie enabled mode "All Mute", which blocks sound from all possible sources.If you disable this option, then the problem may disappear, because very often forget about this feature.

# 3

If as the audio source specified external speakers, you need to pay attention to them.Perhaps they simply are not connected to a power outlet, as all the usual columns require connection to a power source.You should also check to see if the adapter, which is connected to the speakers off.If all goes well, the sound setting can be brought down in the columns themselves.If you have the software to them, then you need to look at and experiment with what settings give you the best quality.But if the columns were not provided by the software, it is likely that the speakers themselves have some defect.If none of the above methods did not work, it remains only to look at the problem of the sound card.First, is to update the drivers for it, because if they are obsolete, while not all programs will be able to properly transmit sound.If there is no sound after upgrading, it is time to include the sound card in the repair, because it does not work properly even after the update and all sound recovery procedures.After repair all work is guaranteed!