How to unlock the SIM card Beeline ?

How to unlock the SIM card Beeline ?
You will need:
  • Sim card from Beeline
  • your nearest office Beeline
  • Internet connection
# 1

to know how to unlock the number beeline, you must first understand the reasonlock.There may be several reasons: perhaps the incorrect PIN code, which is usually required when the mobile phone is turned on.The card is also blocked due to the fact that it did not use more than six months.By "use" is meant at least one outgoing call made with this SIM card.Incoming calls are not included.Another reason that may block the sim card - leaving in the negative amount on the balance sheet.And do not be surprised blocked, if one took any service for the grant of a loan or a "trusted payment", but forgot or did not want to pay for it.

# 2

First you have to learn how to unlock the SIM card Beeline, which has negative balance, because this is the most common reason.There are several options.We need to update your account for the amount that is greater than the amount owed.You can pay at any payment termin

al, by selecting from a list of operators Beeline, and enter the phone number.It is mandatory to preserve the receipt of payment, just in case!If there near the terminals, you can use a personal web-cabinet Beeline.There is a possibility to repay the debt by the major payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex. Money) and using a credit card if it is tied to the number.If we really do not have any cash or electronic money, unlock sim beeline it will be possible using the services of "Trustee Payment".But keep in mind that it can be taken only under the condition that before leaving negative balance was not connected trust payments.

# 3

If the lockout cause is unknown, it is necessary to find out by calling the Customer care Beeline (by dialing 0611), check with the manager all the questions and possible solutions.But quite rarely unlock sim card for the call, because the additional evidence that the number really belongs to the person (PIN, passport data) needed to unlock SIM cards beeline.It is more convenient to come to the nearest office of Beeline and adviser to ask what is the cause.He immediately view the information through a database and unlock the SIM card in the presence of supporting documents.

# 4

Thus it is better to mention that calling customer support has already been made, which allowed to unlock the card.It will accelerate the process several times.If, however, currently there are no documents or SIM card is decorated on the other person, unlock Beeline number will be impossible!There is an option to bring certified paper from sim card holder, where it is written that the owner authorizes a third party to unlock the SIM card.But as to assure the application - it is a long process, everything else requires a small payment, it is easier to go to the owner's office and independently unlock sim card for a few minutes.Thus, it is possible to identify the cause of the lock Beeline SIM card and fix it, but it's better to call the help desk or go to the Beeline office, where everything is made in minutes.