How to make a route on the navigator : Simple Tips

How to make a route on the navigator : Simple Tips
You will need:
  • Navigator any brand
  • Internet connection
  • SIM card of any operator
# 1

Navigator is not just a map of the area in which the drivers are guided.This is the personal assistant in choosing the shortest and most convenient route from one place to another.And without the skill of how to create a route to the navigator, the gadget becomes unnecessary "brick".In fact, it will make even those who are not on friendly terms with the technique.The browser menu to find the "Get Directions" and click on it.Next will be offered two options: either to make a route on a map on their own, moving the waypoint on the map before the end of the route (to go along such a route, which is convenient to the driver), or provide this opportunity navigator, and it will pave the shortest route in his opinion.

# 2

But at the same time, if the route is very long, and the cards one area is not enough, need to know and how to add a map to the navigator.It takes only a computer with Internet access.Th

e site navigation, please visit the tab "Downloads" and there find the item "Load Card".From the set of maps of cities and towns have to choose the one which will take the route.Then download to a PC through a wire transfer to the navigator in the "Maps" folder and restart your browser, so that it retained and connected cards.

# 3

Sometimes the cards show an incorrect route, "take off" in the main menu or an error.Both drivers immediately rush to give the navigator repair.But for some reason, forget about how to update the software on the navigator.After all, this will solve the problem.Just you need to go to the browser manufacturer's website and in the "Downloads" to find the point "updates for navigation programs."There will need to choose from a list of model browser and download the update file to your computer, then transfer it from across the wire to the navigator.Updates are installed automatically after the restart Navigator.Sometimes the driver to prevent all devices that hang in front of him.

# 4

Therefore there are navigators that combine still and video recorder.But how to choose a navigator with DVR - a difficult task.In specialty stores have a large selection of navigators with the cameras on the rear panel.The driver only need to choose the quality of the camera.Of course, these navigators are 2 times more expensive than usual, but once you can feel the convenience this gadget.To learn how to connect to the Internet browser, no need to download anything, install and configure.You just need to choose the browser too with integrated socket for a SIM card, which will provide access to the Internet.