How to develop your back muscles : personal trainer

How to develop your back muscles : personal trainer
You will need:
  • Specialist - coach
  • Simulators
# 1

developing and strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower back, you can give it some relief and to strengthen the muscle corset.In addition, it is the right exercises for inflation of the latissimus muscles attach to the shoulder girdle V-shape.To be most effective training personal trainers suggest using the load, individually calculated for each athlete.

# 2

In order to solve the problem of how to develop the muscles of the back, you need to understand what methods and simulators may be required to achieve the result.The most frequently used beam, as dumbbells and barbells, which are produced with the help of exercises on the draft.All of these sports equipment to help ensure the growth of muscles of hands and the lumbar.Only with the help of a personal trainer, you can effectively use the deadlift, to solve the problem of how to pump up your lower back

# 3

muscular lower back - is the result of the exercise "deadlift".T

rue to its implementation technique is to raise the bar, holding her neck in the most shins.Begin the movement needed to straighten the legs.To avoid injury, be careful to perform movements without rounding the back, for the execution of the technique trainer watches.He also gives advice on the number of sets and weight rod.

# 4

Running for upper body exercises will help solve the problem of how to pump up his shoulders and back.Improving the muscular system, it is necessary to focus on the width and thickness of the muscle.In order to achieve the maximum development of the muscles of the body, it is necessary to resort to training with the increased load.Exercise on the bar should include 6 reps.If you can not perform more than 1-2 pull-ups, it is the coach helps in overcoming a "dead point".

# 5

After the exercise is finished, you must follow the advice of how to relieve the stress of the back muscles.The final movements are made under the supervision of a trainer after the training part will be over - "thrust to the belt."Experts recommend using a shoulder-width grip, as it ensures the development of the latissimus muscles.To avoid injury, excessive stress, and to use all the features of the body, it can be while working on this projectile to apply special seatbelts.

# 6

Personal Trainer provides proven advice how to train your back muscles using dumbbells.Experts recommend to use this shell not only for the deltoid muscle, but also for the development of the back - capture to strengthen this part of the body should be slightly different from the conventional technology implementation.During exercise it is necessary to pull the dumbbell to the lower edge of the chest, which will provide the necessary training of the muscles.

# 7

The main advantage of hiring a personal trainer to training for the development of the muscular system is that it calculates the safe level "sverhrastyagivaniya" (that it meets the back muscles fast development).