How to update Flash player ?

How to update Flash player ?
You will need:
  • Operating System Window
  • Internet connection
  • Updated software Flash Player
# 1

Sometimes there are some glitches in the software flash player, because it mayoutdated version of the software installed, you may experience failures inconsistencies with files or simply does not support this version of the file type.To address these and many similar problems, you need to know how to update the flash player on your computer.The procedure takes less than 10 minutes, but after the update problems for a long time will not be disturbed.Also when upgrading uvelechivaetsya level of data security.First you need to check which version of Flash Player installed on your computer, and whether it should be renewed.To do this, you must go to the "Start" menu, then "Programs" and find the list of installed program Adobe Flash Player.Run the program, a window opens.And in the "About" find item "Software version".Enjoying the version number and compare it with the version number, which is repr

esented on the company's official website.If the numbers match, you need to look for the root of the problems in the other, and if not the same, need to update Flash Player.

# 2

To update the Flash Player to the latest version, no need to purchase and buy - the program itself, and updates are provided free of charge.This means that there is always an opportunity to update or reinstall the program without interference.Be sure to check whether the real adobe flash player needs to be updated, because now there are so many malicious programs that replicate the design of Flash Player.They inform you that you need to download updates, but after the person agrees, downloaded a virus or is required for the installation fee..It should be more careful.And to update the flash player for free and without viruses, do the following: go to the official site of the Adobe, go to the "Downloads" section and select the "Adobe Flash Player".There will be given a list of players for different operating systems and browsers.Choosing the right and click "Download".Then on the computer to download the program distribution.By running it, the old version is removed, but instead will have an update.

# 3

Of course, you can download Flash Player to see yourself and install the new version manually.But in order to not have to worry about updates every time, you can configure automatic updates of the player.To automate the process, you need to go to the "Start" menu, from the list of programs to choose flash player and start it.In an open window, you need to enter the "Settings" tab and there select "Updates", which will put a check mark next to "Update software automatically".Now you can relax and forget about such a problem that the flash player may be out of date.Knowing how to update your version of Flash Player, you can eliminate a large number of problems with the browser's performance and flash applications.But it is always to be feared players-counterfeiting, which can cause a lot of harm to your computer data and purse.