How to fix a navigator in the car ?

How to fix a navigator in the car ?
You will need:
  • Navigator
  • Holder for navigators with a sucker
  • Flash card with a capacity of at least 1 gigabyte
  • Updated software
# 1

Navigator - a thing compactand very useful, if the driver is poorly versed in the upcoming route.Currently, browser choice is not a problem, because the market is booming, and it is sure to find a navigator with the characteristics that are needed.But there are other problems, even immediately after purchase.For example, how to fix a navigator.To do this, complete with many navigators are holders with suckers.Thus, the navigator can be attached to both the driver's panel, and the glass - as anyone convenient.

# 2

Sometimes it happens that when the driver wants to increase travel card or a new route, but the screen does not give the driver's commands!And he immediately comes to horror and panic.It is therefore important to know how to calibrate the navigator.You should try to go to the settings and click the "Calibrate" button.Next, you will see a wh

ite screen with a black cross in the middle.On it you need to press until it will replace the provisions of the place, and then press again.And such a calibration procedure will last 20 seconds.After this, the screen will function normally again.

# 3

Many drivers annoying voice navigator, because of this they can not ride with pleasure.And to know how to change the voice navigator, you need not be an expert in the Navigator.One just needs to visit the manufacturer's website and browser software download, which contains a variety of voices - male, female, baby, with different intonation and pronunciation speed.

# 4

order not to have to ever change something in the browser, you can just buy already known to the appropriate navigator.How to choose a navigator can tell any consultant in the store.Do not hurry up and choose the first favorite gadget.It is necessary to compare prices, technical specifications, test the functionality of the software, check for any damage or defects.Some stores have special car simulators, where you can choose the most convenient navigation.After these comparisons the question of how to improve the navigator, never arise.