How to quickly learn how to sit down on a twine at home?

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You will need:
  • willpower
  • training
  • time
# 1

Provided systematic training and stretching young people to 30-35 years old will be able to do the splits for a couple of months.People are more adults take longer.Many people have a great desire to have the ability to do the splits.This human ability looks very graceful.Twine - this is unusual.Twine - it's cool.With twine man may differ from the others, as it stand out among the crowd.But for this it is necessary to engage a systematic practice.In life, this ability gives many different advantages.This is a huge advantage in any sport and passion, and in a fight on the street.Everywhere, in different areas of life where you have to be flexible, and there may come in handy this gymnastic element.

# 2

When after diligent training sit on twine, feel proud of themselves ie to the right and a beautiful string -.. It's a good goal that is achieved only determined and strong personalities with character.So how to quickly learn how to sit down on a twine at home?First of all, as in any other exercise, you must warm up your muscles, in order to avoid injuries and sprains.To do this, you can take a hot bath (10-15min), or the easiest to perform several squats, swings down, the slopes, you can walk or jump on the rope.It is important to remember that this is not a drill, and the goal is not tired, and prepare the muscles.Now you can start and to exercise themselves.First, start making mahi legs high enough.

# 3

In order to keep a balance will need to lean a hand on anything.Suitable back of the chair, window sill or any drugoeUprazhnenie №1.Starting position: Stand with your back against the back of the chair.With one hand, hold the back of the chair and igolove make swings forward.Total 20 times.Then, turn around your home sports equipment and make swings aside.It is also 20 times.And, of course, facing the chair and 20 swings back.Rest 10 seconds and do everything exactly in exactly with the other leg.Exercise №2.Stand facing the chair zaprokinte one leg on him.Now, without bending the knees on both feet alternately make tilts forward to one, then to the second leg, trying to get the breast to the knee.Total of 20 times for each leg.

# 4

Exercise №3.It is necessary to sit on the floor, dilute the knees apart and feet together."Springs" legs, with the goal to his knees as close as possible down to the floor.Thirty times repeat.Next, both hands grasp the feet and drag him to the breast as closely as possible.Freeze for ten - fifteen seconds in this position, then you need to climb to make the initial position.Repeat this 3 times.Exercise №5.Sitting position.Slopes.Sitting on the floor, connect the legs parallel to each other, so that the socks were up.Hands grasp the foot and try to get the breast to the knees.This is not to bend the knees!Hold the lowest position for 30 seconds or more.Do all three times.Further, it would be useful to lean to the side of diluted serially in the legs.

# 5

Exercise №6.Initial position.Legs apart as widely as possible, relying on the hands.Start slowly lower the hips down, with arches her back leaning his body forward.Then do the opposite.The pelvis should be higher than the shoulders.Thirty approaches.Exercise №7.Take the same position as in Exercise №6.Spread your legs wide, leaving one leg straight, the second sit.Back straight.So do turn, the pelvis should be as parallel to the floor, Thirty approaches.Exercise №8.One leg bend, and we put out a second ago.Back straight.Doing so turns thirty times.Exercise №9.Now the body's muscles are ready for the most important thing.Occupy the desired position, namely, cords and sit as much as suffer.And it's not 10-15 seconds merry sitting on the splits.

# 6

It is painful to tears and sitting on the splits.You can, for example, turn on your favorite song, to sit in this position, and as long as it does not come to an end, to endure the pain and see out to the end.The point is that under the weight of your own body weight, muscle, every second will be stretched more and more.And, of course, should do all the same with the other leg, and all the same cross-twine.This method is the most effective way on the question of how to learn to do the splits in the home.In the case of cross-string, you can put yourself under a stack of books and sit on them.Then, with time to clean up one book until there is not a single book.It is important to ensure not to harm their health, t. E. Not too overzealous with the load.

# 7

After the stretching, in order to avoid muscle pain the next day, you can take a warm bath or shower.If necessary, do the exercise twine as quickly as possible, it is necessary to perform the exercises data daily or three - four times a week until the gymnastic element turn to perform effortlessly.Already after a couple of weeks of training will be noticeable results.Take the twine can be learned at any age, of course, if there are no health problems.Flexible body, the result of which will be hard training, will undoubtedly add an indicator of beauty and health of the body.The main thing is not to stop halfway and be persistent in achieving this goal.