How to calibrate the navigation through settings?

How to calibrate the navigation through settings?
You will need:
  • Navigator
  • Internet connection
  • Special fixing with silicone sucker
# 1

sometimes strays and any equipment not working properly.It is very inconvenient if it occurs at a time when it is most needed.For example, if the screen is in the navigator on the road fails, it will not have time to search the Internet, how do you fix the problem.You have to know in advance how to calibrate the navigator.To do this, you need to go to the browser settings, and already there select "navigator calibration Setting" and go through the following procedure: press your finger into the place of the screen, which will show a small black cross.

# 2

And after the calibration is complete, the navigator will take about 20 seconds for it to save the new settings screen calibration.We turn to the question of how to change the voice in the Navigator.It's not as complicated as it seems at first glance.No need to be a programmer and a great understanding of the "stuffing" navigator.It takes just vi

sit the manufacturer's website, find the tab "Downloads" and look for the list item "Voices for navigation."You can select the most pleasant voice timbre, speaking speed, intonation and pronunciation and download selected on the computer through which the load these audio files in "Voices" folder navigator.And a new voice can be selected after the restart of the browser settings loaded.

# 3

But if you buy the navigator is still in the plans, the question "how to choose the browser?" Is the most important.There are two options: you can search for a suitable navigation through the Internet.Many online stores with appliances are convenient search system, which will display exactly the gadget that is optimized for price and technical characteristics.But there is an option traditionally go to the store, feel and see all the navigators, consult with a specialist.

# 4

And then the question of how to improve the navigator, never to visit, because it is not needed.After buying the navigator wants to immediately check it.But somehow it is necessary to fix in the car, not just the same way it will roll.To do this, complete with navigation is a special mount with suction cup to avoid any problems with how to fix navigator: on the glass or on the driver panel.