How to tighten the skin of the abdomen ?

How to tighten the skin of the abdomen ?
You will need:
  • Time
  • Desire
# 1

Typically, problems with belly skin occur either after a dramatic weight loss in both sexes, or postpartum women, so skin tighteningbelly of concern to many people.Of course, now there is a very large number of beauty treatments that help to make the body perfect, but not everyone has the time and money to go to salons, so it will continue to be considered a set of measures that will make the stomach, or rather the skin smoother and more tonedat home.

# 2

The first thing to pay attention to the massage, but it must be remembered that when the abdominal skin is stretched in any case do not plucked massage and stretching, as this hurts the already deformed skin.After all the manipulations it is recommended to rub a cream-lifting, which will not only pull, but also moisturize the skin.By the way, at home, you can make an effective hydromassage.To do this, fill the bath with water and immerse yourself in it so that the stomach is under water.Now you need t

o place a hand over the problem area, the distance was about 5 centimeters, palm down, and begin to quickly move the hand up and down.Due to the friction of water massage the abdomen will occur, which will speed up the skin repair process.

# 3

also to come to normal session should do wraps.It is advisable to alternate between "hot" and "cold" wraps.This will lead to skin tone, accelerate blood circulation and improve elasticity.The mixture for the procedure can be purchased ready-made, for example, in a pharmacy, and may be prepared independently.If the skin is not only stretched, but also acquired a stretch, the wrapping is better to choose products containing clay, she has a great set of actions.

# 4

Besides all cosmetic procedures should pay attention to exercise, which will allow to develop muscles and improve overall metabolism, and all this will be the best way to influence the skin condition.It is necessary to deal with both cardio machines such as the elliptical trainer and just aerobics.Another good addition to the range of occupations will exercise it on the problem area, in this case the stomach.It is recommended to download the upper and lower abs, as well as pay attention to the muscles stabilizers, all of which help to tighten sagging skin.

# 5

not observing these complex rules can bring her figure in perfect condition.The main thing to remember that the abdominal skin must be tightened daily work on ourselves and not wait for visible results very quickly.Work to bring myself up a complicated and long, but it's worth it.