How to make a case for the subwoofer with your hands ?

How to make a case for the subwoofer with your hands ?
You will need:
  • Speaker
  • DCP
  • Sealant
  • Jigsaw
  • PVA glue
  • Sound absorber (nylon or foam)
# 1

first thing to do-is to get the speaker and other materials.By choosing the first should be treated with the utmost seriousness.The more powerful the speaker, the louder the sound the subwoofer will produce.With regards chipboard - its thickness should be about 20 mm.In an extreme case, -16 mm.The thinner the material is not podoydet- it will negatively affect the sound quality.The most simple and profitable to collect the body with their hands subwoofer inactive type.That is, it will not be built-in amplifier, as the self-gathering power is quite problematic.

# 2

next step - designing a box.This program will help WinISD 0.4.All that is needed - to introduce some dynamics parameters in the computer program.It will make the necessary calculations, and displays them on the monitor.On the basis of the drawing data is easily done, by whom, and the assembly will be carried out.Next jigsaws are c

ut sheets of chipboard required size.They need to saw extremely smoothly and gently.In the place of installation the speaker is cut a circular hole in which the latter will be installed.Then cut a hole under fazioinvertornuyu camera, which can be made from a piece of plastic pipe, bought in the hardware store.

# 3

Next - directly assembled chipboard sheets in the case.To make the case for quality subwoofer with their hands, chipboard sheets should be fastened together with screws in increments of no more than 5 cm. Also, all the joints need to glue with white glue.Places joints fazioinvertornoy speaker and camera body to cover a good sealant.Under no circumstances should there be backlash, extra holes, slots.In addition, the inside of the subwoofer sound absorber walls need to paste over.You can use the felt, foam rubber, and as a last resort and thick linoleum.All this is done in order to avoid any rattle, hum and other interference during audio playback.

# 4

When using a particularly strong dynamics of possible high internal pressure.Therefore, the subwoofer enclosure is recommended to strengthen the inside of the frame beams.The wires from the speaker can be displayed on a special pad assembly installed in the rear cover.Pads sure how to lubricate the sealant.Also, oddly enough, the sound quality improved by installing the subwoofer on the little feet.They provide the least contact with the surface on which the subwoofer is installed.This again reduces the unwanted noise while playing.

# 5

So, fulfilling all the instructions fairly simple to collect the body.A subwoofer that you can not only listen, but also to show to people - at the end of the assembly it can be painted in any desired color.This can be done using spray paint.Do not forget that during the execution of all works must adhere to basic security techniques.In operation it is not necessary to apply for the subwoofer output, exceeding the established power dynamics - then it will last many years and will enjoy high-quality sound.