We learn how to make the power of the recorder

We learn how to make the power of the recorder
You will need:
  • recorder.
  • speakers.
  • screwdriver.
  • soldering.
  • signal cable.
# 1

happens that sufficiently powerful speakers do not give the desired sound just because.that the player is not enough power supply.In this case, power can be purchased, or if no means allow, independently of the make it more or less powerful recorder.Those who are thinking about how to make the power of the tape, must always remember that the tape -.. Is an electrical device, and changes in its structure, violation of operating conditions, etc., can lead to disastrous consequences - short circuit, fire, shock electriccurrent.It is therefore not recommended to carry out the actions described below to people unfamiliar with the basics of electrical engineering.

# 2

in more or less modern recorders use a tape recorder as a function of the amplifier is provided and implemented by the manufacturer.This miracle of engineering is nothing to unwind and do not need to upgrade.You just need to find a tape recorder bo

dy line input, and submit to it the signal from the player or another player using the signal cable.This cable is sold in almost every shop and technological inexpensive.To the output of a tape recorder connected speaker impedance of 4 ohms.But how to connect the recorder to the mains, press on the "Play", anyone knows.

# 3

If in the available tape is no such function, it will have little pomuchatsya.This is usually the older cassette player model.Such a device need to roll out a screwdriver and locate the amplifier circuit.The most common power unit is assembled on a separate board.Determine the charge amplifier can be characterized by a ribbed heatsinks.If you have problems, you can get the concept of the Internet, or figure out how to remove the tape on a video or photo, and ask for help on any technical forum on the Internet.After downloading the forum photo and video boards, in most cases there is no doubt to help radio amateurs.

# 4

When the board found a power amplifier, it is necessary to find the point at which the signal is input.In concept it is usually indicated.To throw away all doubts, you can go by experience - with the tape applied to the intended entry two wires of the cable, which is supplied with the audio signal.If everything is correct, then at the same time the sound should appear.Next to the found entry is necessary to solder the audio cable.It can puzzled to think how to make the tape recorder and amplifier noise immunity.To do this, use shielded audio cable.From speakers to unsolder tape wires and pull them naruzhu- them connect more powerful speakers.At the end of the tape body tighten and start listening to audio recordings.