How to make the amplifier from an old tape recorder ?

How to make the amplifier from an old tape recorder ?
You will need:
  • Tape
  • Signal cable
  • speakers
  • Soldering
  • Screwdriver
  • player or other audio source
# 1

For many there is such situatsiya-have powerful speakers and requires good "shake" them, and along with all the neighbors, but the player does not give enough power to the amplifier and do not have money and opportunities.It will help the good old tape recorder.Almost any tape can be converted for these purposes.The main thing to remember that the device is powered by a mains voltage of 220V is therefore incorrect actions may cause fire, electric shock, people and animals.So if someone is not confident in their abilities, we should ask for help from a knowledgeable person, or even to leave this venture.

# 2

Let's begin to understand - how to make the power of the recorder?In some recorders initially possible to use the latter as an amplifier.In such tape recorders disassemble anything and not have to solder.We need to find housing in the line-in jack that is commonly referred to

as the "Line in" or "Login".Post it with the signal cable from the audio player.Cable is best and easiest way to buy in the store, the benefit is worth it's not expensive.It outputs the tape "" Out "to connect the speakers. But how to connect the recorder to a wall outlet known to all. Further remains to click on" Play ", and enjoy the sound.

# 3

with a tape recorder in which this entry is missing, the caseis a little more complicated. Usually this is the old cluster, or cheap Chinese devices. The following method is suitable for people who are a little versed in the art. With the help of a screwdriver is necessary to promote a body recorder. Next, we must find the amplifier itself. it is usually collected on a single board. Define it canby the presence on it of cooling aluminum radiators that are mounted on top of the chip and (or) on top of the transistor. The presence of schematic diagrams recorder will greatly facilitate the task. If not, then it can be easily found on the Internet. in this age it is so simple as to remove the tapeoff the shelf.

# 4

Now find the input of the amplifier channel.In the diagram it clearly marked.If the scheme is not, then it can be determined empirically.Looking on the board near the chip (transistor) two kontakta- usually have a lot of tin soldered.The tape them a signal from the preamplifier.It is necessary to include cassette and attach to these terminals, two wires from the cable to the audio signal - the sound should appear.When an input channel is defined, it solder signal cable, which is connected and the player.From tape unsolder the speaker wires and connect them to the speakers.How to make a tape with our amplifier more mobile?The simplicity is necessary to withdraw the cable through the hole done in the body, and tighten all screws.And most importantly - observe safety precautions, be diligent, and then everything will turn out.