How to improve the Internet connection modem ?

How to improve the Internet connection modem ?
You will need:
  • Modem Router
# 1

With the advent of the modem in the house, people were more likely to buy laptops.Easy internet access on any available remote places and attracts better than "cheese in a mousetrap."But increasingly mobile Internet users to grab his head, nervous and psycho because of the poor quality of the Internet, wondering how to improve the Internet connection.Very practical is the way of "on-off": the modem is switched off and removed from the connector yuizbi.The computer restarts, wait for the full working condition and connect the modem again.

# 2

Usually, after these manipulations, the internet works on hurray.But, again, not as long as we would like.It happens that even after these actions, it may issue a "window" with an error and the user is again nervous, not having a clue how to connect to the server, which suddenly became remote.The easiest way, after restarting, consider winding copper wire modem.At the tip, where the light bulb, indicating that the

level of internet communication, wound in two or three layers of thin copper wire, pulling up the long part, which later serves as an antenna.

# 3

If the modem has a router in addition, clearly would not like to see them used the whole staircase.For this purpose, it is enough to know how to encrypt the connection.To start, you need to connect the modem to the network and launch the browser.In the address bar enter the address of your personal account.Immediately pop up a window, which will need to enter your login and password under which the hidden settings.For those who do not know how to find password Internet connection, we remind: standard, username and password are the same, they both mean «admin».

# 4

recommended that in the future to replace them with the most appropriate and memorable.Next, open the Internet Setup and replace the default settings for the type of PPTP connections.If the user does not know how to find out the type of Internet connection, it is enough to look at the transfer rate.And then open the properties of the modem, which has a list of possible connections.The modems are mainly popular 2G and 3G.The best is considered the last, even if the operator meets the terrain, the Internet will not just fly, it will be worn for over speed.