How to increase the brightness on a laptop ?

How to increase the brightness on a laptop ?
You will need:
  • laptop
  • buttons adjust the brightness
  • panel natroek screen
# 1

In case you are faced with the question "how to increase brightness on a laptop" readthe content of this article, presented information may be useful.There are two ways to increase the brightness of the laptop: with special keys or by using the settings in the control panel screen computer control panel, or when you right-click on the desktop.In the case where there is no nearby power source to recharge the computer is set a minimum luminance position indicator, for longer battery life.Maximum screen brightness should be used when watching movies, the images when working with graphic editors or by using game software with high-resolution images to ensure the completeness of sensations from view and the possibility of a more detailed examination of the on-screen image.

# 2

To increase brightness, you can take advantage of special keys, which are located on the keyboard.As a rule, they are located on button

s navigate up and down and the image indicated by the sun or the stars and arrows pointing respectively upwards and downwards.To increase the brightness of laptop you need to hold down the "Fn" press the corresponding navigation key up until the screen brightness does not increase or decrease to the desired level.At the same time on the notebook screen display appears, showing the brightness level of the screen at the moment, with its help you can track the level of brightness and energy to evaluate the computer used to ensure the image brightness.

# 3

Also, you can change the brightness on a laptop using the control panel by going to "Start" menu.In the resulting window, the control panel you must select the tab "Hardware and Sound", and then - "Power".In this tab, you can choose one of two laptop work options - "Balanced" - in this case, the screen brightness is automatically selected depending on whether the computer is connected to an external additional power supply or not, or the "High performance" - this mode involves continuousincluding high screen brightness supported by your laptop, but the computer's power consumption will be much larger and without connection to an external power supply the battery charge will last for a short period of time.

# 4

Another way to change the brightness of the laptop - install the necessary settings in the display settings menu.To call this menu, you need to right click on the desktop and in the pop-up menu, select "Display Settings."In the window that appears you will see a graph image brightness, which is located next to the scale with the slider, set the slider to the desired position and ready.All of these methods allow you to change the brightness of the screen with the same efficiency, you only need to choose the most convenient for you.