How to make a forwarding number?

You will need:
  • Cell Phone
  • Old phone number
# 1

Divert incoming calls - a very convenient feature offered by mobile operators.Calls incoming phone can be translated from the old to the new number, and connect a temporary redirect to the available phone number, if you forgot or lost your machine.Consider how to redirect to another phone number.The first way is to include forwarding - contact the cellular operator company.In order to use the service will need to name your passport data indicated by purchasing a SIM card or a code word, which was established in the contract with the cellular desk phone number is specified in the contract or in the reference booklets, issued together with the SIM card.As these numbers you can find on the Internet.However, due to the periodic load operators, this process can take some time, as the need to wait for a response, but the advantage of this method is the ability to connect services with conventional landline telephone.Calls to directory

services of cellular companies, as well as conversations with the operators are free for subscribers.

# 2

The following method is faster than the previous one.Enabling forwarding possible also in the automatic mode by phone call or sending an SMS to a special number set by your service provider.Such numbers as specified in the reference brochures or on the websites of companies.After a call to this number or mandrel him text messages you will receive detailed instructions on how to proceed through the answering machine.This type of service also is free for subscribers of the network and its main advantage is significant time savings, because in this case there is no need to wait for the response of the operator.Another advantage of this method of connection of call forwarding services - there is no need to have a passport or remember the code word, but at the same time to make a call or send sms need to with the phone number from which the calls should be forwarded to another number.Using this method, you will also be able to deactivate the service when the need for it will disappear, for it is as necessary to call the phone number specified in the mobile operator of reference and follow the instructions of the answering machine

# 3

following way inwhich can be forwarding configuration - using a personal account on the official website of the cellular company.In this case you need access to the Internet, but it will not take long to wait for an answer to your inquiry or to carry the SIM card number from which should be carried out to divert your incoming calls and messages.This method is very simple and fast.In order to connect the call forwarding service via the Internet, go to the website and enter your personal cabinet by entering username and password.Then select the tab "Connection Services" and find the service "Call forwarding".After selecting this service, the system will provide you with detailed instructions on how to proceed.Also, you can choose a time that is set on the redirection or disable the service if the need has not disappeared.To connect an incoming call forwarding, you can contact the office serving your cellular company.You should have a passport or a copy of it.This method is the most long as is necessary to get to the nearest office, and perhaps to defend the place.It must be remembered that to turn off this service, you can at any time, even if the term was originally set has not yet expired.Another important nuance is and what will be forwarded all incoming calls, so if possible among subscribers, there are those from whom you do not want to receive calls, activate the service it is not necessary.