How to remove the graphics card driver , remove the driver in safe mode ?

How to remove the graphics card driver , remove the driver in safe mode ?
You will need:
  • your PC
  • Control Panel
# 1

Video - one of the most important parts of the computer, which allows us to install the latest games containing graphic elements with high resolution,watch movies in high quality or work in the graphic editors.Regularly updated product range of these latest developments, and users wishing to upgrade your personal computer can acquire the latest graphics card at least every month.But when a new card is a need to install new drivers and old drivers must be removed for proper operation of the system, as well as to not overload the memory performance of extra programs.In order not to harm the system, removing the need to carry out one of the following methods.So, we look at how to remove the video card driver.

# 2

first method that offers this instruction - to remove the driver from the control panel.To do this, click the "Start" menu and select the "Control Panel."Next, locate the button labeled "Add or Remove Programs" and click on the left mou

se button.In the window that appears alphabetically lists all the programs installed on your computer.In order to remove the video card driver must find it in the list and click the left mouse button.If you do not remember the name of the file is enough to know the brand of your video card, as the driver file usually contains the name of the equipment to which it is attached.The button will appear next to the name of the program "Uninstall / Change", click on it, clicking the left mouse button.In the window that appears with the question "Do you really want to delete this program?" Click "Yes".After that start the process of removing the program, which can take several minutes.After the removal of the application needs your permission to restart the computer, you will also need to again click on the "Yes" button.After rebooting, the driver will be removed successfully.Another useful tip - do not use other programs during the removal process and, if possible, close all open windows before.Firstly, because of the work of other programs, the removal process may take more time, and secondly, after a reboot you may lose some data open programs.

# 3

second way - remove the driver yourself.To do this you need to know exactly where the driver is.If you have forgotten or do not know which folder the driver is installed, you must enter its name as a whole, or in part in the "Search" which is located in the "Start" menu.After the system will find the desired file, click on its name, right-click and select "Properties" tab in the pop-up menu.In the resulting window, locate the string "Address" in this line and will indicate the location of the file.So, after all the above steps, you must go to the folder containing the driver and open it.In this folder, find the file "uninstal" and click on it with the left mouse button twice.You will then remove the driver software, after which just need to restart your computer, and therefore it is not recommended to work in other programs throughout the process of uninstalling the driver.Do not delete the folder that contains the video card driver simply by moving them in the basket, as in this case, completely remove all driver files from your PC will not succeed.This is due to the fact that during the installation of files can be placed not only in the folder containing the bulk of the program, but in the folder containing the other components of the system that is necessary for correct operation of the video card and its interaction with other parts of the computer system.This recommendation gives a general idea about how to remove drivers from a computer running an operating system based on "Windows", some installation files (drivers) can have features to install and remove them to a PC system, which are described in the instructions supplied with the device.