How do squats and lunges ?

How do squats and lunges ?
You will need:
  • purpose of
  • Lunges 7 minutes
  • delay breathing
  • Rod
  • Exercises from Alexander Emelianenko
  • Bending the knees at a right angle
  • Last squat

Maintain regular workouts and at home.So, even beneficial and convenient, and most importantly - economically.Moreover, the person he appoints the time for his own studies.But in this situation, there are also disadvantages.Firstly, it is sometimes difficult to force myself to do any exercise.The reasons of the majority - is tired after work, household chores, or just laziness.Second, the exercise should be done correctly.Otherwise, there will be no results.Also changes will not be visible in the figure.Therefore, to begin with it is important to set a goal: to systematically engage in sports.And, of course, it is worth to get acquainted with the instruction, which tells how to perform squats, lunges or slopes.From the lessons should be, above all, the use and enjoyment.

# 2

How do lunges as to strengthen the muscles of the bu

ttocks and calves?It's simple enough, just need to perform some tips.It is strongly recommended to perform lunges with dumbbells.They need to hold in their hands, and the first to make a step forward, then back.Exercise should last for 4-5 minutes.Otherwise, then it will be too severe pain in the muscles.It is important to do everything slowly, because you can get a ligament rupture.So, you need to take a step and bend the leg at 90 degrees.The same must be repeated with the other leg.It is advisable to make an attack with a banner.Many athletes are advised to do lunges with a barbell.Here you need to make a step forward, priprygivaya.And then back.The difficulty is that heavy barbell.Therefore, some already on the 2 minute tire.Only time lunges should be done at least 7 minutes.

# 3

With lunges, you should pay attention to the steps.They should be large.And it is best to hold hands on the waist.Thus, a person will keep balance.Also, when you need to pull the stomach thrusts and try to breathe evenly.Hold your breath is strictly prohibited, since there were cases when people in the fitness center fell into a swoon because of this.Care should be taken buttocks.In no event it is impossible to bend the pelvis forward.Doing lunges should be slow, uniform, and most importantly - safely.And yet when lunges leg should be bent at a right angle.It is enough to bring a good result jumping lunges.It is important to have time to turn my legs.However, in this case the respiration for 10 minutes is not enough, since the strength is lost and human breath necessary.

# 4

And before you do sit-ups, too, need to know some information.To buttocks become elastic in the short term, it is necessary to do the exercises correctly.Squat should be calmly, without haste.This should keep your back straight.Do not bend!Moreover, it is impossible to take your heels off the floor.It seems to be a minor factor of 2, but they may interfere achieve the desired result.Alina Kabaeva, Russian athlete, advises squat with a barbell.Just better not to put it on the neck.And you need to put on the shoulders.This man protects the spine from unnecessary burdens.According to her, it is necessary to look only forward.This allows not to bend your back.More should not be forgotten that the squatting, the whole weight should rest on the heel.She says that it is an effective method.

# 5

Aleksander Emelianenko, athlete, spoke in detail about the kinds of squats.According to him, this is a very useful exercise.The first squat - it "Classic".By making it possible to strengthen all the muscles of the legs.To do this, put your feet shoulder width apart and arms extended.Then it is necessary to inhale do squat.On the exhale, should return to its original position.Women need to perform a squat 80-100 times, men 100-150.Next squat called "Ballet".It strengthens the inner thigh.First, you need to take a starting position.Namely, put your feet wider than shoulder width and toes develop in different directions.Hands should be on the belt.Squat necessary during inspiration and take the starting position as you exhale.At the time of this exercise should be done as much as the first.

# 6

Aleksander Emelianenko advised to frequently perform the squat "soldier - acrobatics".It also strengthens the buttocks well.The starting position of the exercise: put your feet together and pull your hands down.And then it is already possible to squat, not bending hands.Squats should be done about 80-100 times for faster results.Very good squat "Pistol".It is desirable to do for people of all ages.Especially for women after childbirth.Exercise strengthens the muscles of the abdomen.To do this, you must rely on the one hand on the back of a chair.Further it is necessary to raise the foot, and then bend it in the air.Cranking need 40-50 times.Then it should do the same with the other leg.Cranking it is necessary to exhale, straighten while inhaling.Already after 7-10 days tummy is much smaller, and the legs are moderately inflated.

# 7

Finally squat called "Walking to the side."The name, of course, strange.But the result is stunning.Within a short period of time can remove excess fat on the sides.To do this, you need to take a big step to the side and sit down.Then return to the starting position (feet together, arms at his sides).Such steps towards the need to make 100-150 times on each leg every day.It is desirable to increase the burden and pick up a dumbbell.However, if a person does not "friends" with the sport, it is better to abandon the idea.Generally, squats and lunges are considered useful exercise for humans.They not only help bring in the form of the body, but even strengthen muscles of the legs, abdomen and buttocks.Only it is necessary to do the exercises correctly.Otherwise the effect will not be.The main thing - the desire, and then everything must come out!