Drying hops

Drying hops
You will need:
  • Ripe hop cones
  • room for drying
  • Fabric Storage Bags
# 1

Scope use of hop cones is quite varied.Therefore, with the onset of the respective season it becomes relevant question relating to the collection, preparation and storage of the plant.Before we get acquainted with the rules of hop drying, you must learn how to properly collect the raw materials.The latter should be selected in accordance with the so-called technical maturity.Hop cones mature structure becomes denser surface - adhesive.It appears pungent smell lupulin.Sama bump changes color: light becomes green or slightly golden.

# 2

hop drying is carried out in two ways: in air or in a structure equipped with a stove.For the first method fits well ventilated room.In the absence of rain and moisture can be performed, and the drying air in the shade.If the hops are dried in a room where there is an oven, the temperature in this case it is necessary to maintain high.But not exceeding thirty gradusov.V both cases

hops laid out on the prepared surface of an even layer in a couple - three centimeters.Periodically raw materials have to be stirred.The time taken for drying, the air is proportional to the level of traction.The stronger it is, the process will go faster.On average, for the preparation of hops it takes about a week.

# 3

dried hops used in brewing.A defined set of substances in the plant prevents prokisaniya alcoholic beverage during the fermentation process.Furthermore, the addition of hops has a special influence on the formation of foam, it contributes to giving the beer a special flavor and unique bitter taste.In medicine also used the qualities of hops as the ability to suppress inflammatory processes in the body, stimulates the appetite, strengthen the work of the bladder.

# 4

Effective hops pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes.So, to strengthen the hair from the raw material is prepared broth, subsequently rinsed his head or rubbed into the roots.In the same broth replace skin lotion.Also prepared on its basis a variety of masks tonic.After drying the hops will be completed, you must fold it in cloth bags and find a storage room.The latter should have a good ventilation system.Most preferably procure raw materials for one year.Subject to all rules of dried hops will retain its properties for about two years.they will be lost upon completion of this period.