How to change the file format , change the format of the document ?

How to change the file format , change the format of the document ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Converter
  • Internet
# 1

Incompatibility of formats is a serious problem.The more extensions become, the harder it is to choose a program to open them.That is why in this article describes how to change the file to the desired format.

# 2

easiest and safest method for the information - use programs - converters.Their number is increasing day by day.Reformat they can be anything that you can imagine: music, video, text documents.Another advantage of these programs, they can convert multiple files at once.The most famous program: Freemake Video Converter, VideoMASTER, Total Audio Converter, Free Audio Converter, and many others.Any program works very simply.First you need to install it on your computer and run.Select the file and give it a new format.

# 3

Another time-tested option for those who for some reason can not install the program on your computer.Change is possible in the online format converter, which at the moment there is not too little.If desi

red, it is possible to change not only music, videos, and documents.For example, online Pdf Converter is easy to assign this extension to save the file as a DOC, DOCX and TXT.If necessary, it also converts the Excel spreadsheet and presentation even.

# 4

Translate any document in Pdf format is easy enough, but to do the reverse operation will have to try.You can use a text recognizer from the company ABBYY.Ease FineReader software and the Transformer is difficult to underestimate.They have extra features, and support Russian language, which makes them very comfortable to use.Another tool - Free PDF Word Converter.Distributed free of charge, but it has one flaw that Russian-speaking users will notice.The program has only one language - English.But this remedy has a significant advantage compared with ABBYY products.It is possible to extract in the document with the extension DOC only certain pages.

# 5

happens that change the extension of the software does not work.Sometimes it can say that the file is corrupted or does not have the correct encoding.And there are times when it is said that you can change the extension manually.For example, the owner of the iPhone for a long time, it was not clear how pomenyatm4a to m4r.