How to protect your face from the cold

How to protect your face from the cold
You will need:
  • Face Cream
  • Cosmetic oil
  • milk cleanser
# 1

With the arrival of cold weather face starts to peel off, it becomes red, and the color is poor.All this is a consequence of the negative impact of the cold and wind.Therefore, in order somehow to try to protect the face of such adverse effects, need special care.The most important rule during the winter skin care - not to wash with soap, otherwise the situation is further exacerbated.Soap dries the skin, and in the winter it is not allowed.The yield in this situation - lotion for washing.

# 2

also important rule of how to protect the face from the cold, is the application of nourishing cream.Before applying the cream, wipe the face with a lotion.The very cream is applied no less than half an hour before vyhodom.Vecherny care must also be to purify the skin and applying the cream.However, if the cream in the morning was nourishing, then in the evening you can use moisturizer.After applying moisturizing cream on the street ca

n not get out.

# 3

also be twice a week, apply to the skin facials, according to the skin type.In winter, the mask must be nutritious.Their action is much deeper than the work of nourishing cream.In winter, the skin needs intensive nourishment, so you need to choose the appropriate cream.Ideally, it would be better to buy a face cream from the cold, which is designed specifically for cold weather with the wind.Using them is necessary at a time when you need to go outside.But, of course, apply the cream is necessary not to yield, and for some time before it.

# 4

If you put the cream on the face and immediately go out, it is possible that the spots on the face from the cold start to appear, the cream did not have time to soak in and get such a reaction.In addition to the cream for the face, you can take care of and using other tools that also nourish the skin and protect it from the cold.One such means is a cosmetic oil.Apply it in the same way as the cream - the morning after washing.For winter care is a suitable oil as almond, peach, avocado oil.After applying oil on the face of it should soak a cloth.Only regular and proper care will help facial skin to cope with the adverse effects of cold and wind.