How to develop an application for the iphone?

How to develop an application for the iphone?
You will need:
  • Internet, iPhone latest models
  • knowledge and skills to complex programming functional applications
  • Understanding the specifics of creating applications for the iPhone
# 1

Development of new applicationsiPhone is possible only on Mac OS X to Apple computers operating system.If you do not have this machine - work will not work.

# 2

If you are not satisfied with the applications they offer for your iPhone software developers, you can try to write their own applications and offer them to users to implement.To do so would have to go a long and difficult path of learning applications, produce.

# 3

First of all, carefully study the English language, which you would have to use in the study, work and management of iPhone applications.Even ordinary reading "Help" requires an understanding of the language.A thorough study of advanced mathematics and physics are also very helpful in the development of basic programming principles.

# 4

Then have to learn another langu

age is C ++ - applications for the iPhone programming language.You need to master the basic algorithms of language, work with the types and memory.

# 5

Then in front of you will be a huge number of specialized literature on applications for the iPhone production.Experience accumulated rich - information to remember there will be many.

# 6

If difficult to read - refer to sites that offer specialized video training courses for building applications.They explain all clear, easy to understand and quick.But they provide only the basics - more will have to delve into the more serious application programming thinness.

# 7

Programming courses - good help in learning the basics and basic programming algorithms.Courses under the guidance of professionals to help you navigate the sea of ​​information, not to be distracted by side information and focus on the study of the necessary foundations.

# 8

Apple has to develop applications for the iPhone have their own "instruments» - SDK or MonoTouch alternative system.They are quite large (up to 3 GB) and hard downloaded for free from Apple's site server.But in their platform has everything you need - the compiler, linker, XCode integrated development environment for working with code, visual editing interface means.

# 9

start developing applications for the iPhone is best to start with simple programs - flash-games and game editors.Creating such applications can be mastered in the Visual Studio / Eclipse compiler beta program that will allow you to practice on a simple library DragonFire SDK.

# 10

When you learn the simple techniques, you can proceed to create an iPhone application using Objective C. This compiler is the official language of object-oriented programming iPhone apps.It is complicated and not very familiar to most programmers, but more perfect than Java.

# 11

And only after you pass all the stages of learning programming technologies and works with the iPhone platform, you can try your hand at creating new applications that will be demanded by users and can bring you a good income!