How to repair a touchscreen phone LG?

How to repair a touchscreen phone LG?
You will need:
  • new firmware
  • Flex
# 1

Mobile phones literally capture the whole world.More and more people are buying these devices in order to constantly stay in touch with their family and friends.Cell became the most Cadou thing in the world, so even a child in our country has such a gadget.Especially popular began to use devices that do not have buttons.And the more they buy, the more complex problem arises: how to repair a touchscreen phone.

# 2

Very often it is having difficulty with the screen.Periodically, the owners of such models may face with cracks and scratches, which strongly interfere with driving.Unfortunately, how to configure the touch screen alone is very difficult to solve.To this not run, do not drop the phone on the floor or in the water.The chances that he will survive this without damage, virtually none.

# 3

Some craftsmen interested in how to make their own touch pad.This is a fairly complicated and require special skills.So, faced with such a problem, i

t is best to contact the mastreskuyu.To repair it is necessary to get acquainted with the most common breakdowns.It so happens that on the screen saver appears white and does not disappear.Most often, this means that the cell need to reflash.In most cases, this is enough.However, there are times when it speaks of the controller or the loop fault.Even this may mean a complete breakdown of the display.

# 4

In some cases, you may need to learn how to touch a computer screen.This is due to the fact that the control system is becoming very popular.Make it your own is virtually impossible.For this purpose, the Japanese scientists have developed a special stylus that performs the functions of a mouse.Its price - $ 100.Another failure, which is common in these phones - blue screen.This problem does not occur because of faults and loop EEPROM.It is important to know what's inside the touch screen before buying.This will avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.Knowing in advance the complexity of the repair, the person will be able to estimate its value on their own.