How to develop a mobile app for your phone ?

How to develop a mobile app for your phone ?
You will need:
  • computer with Internet access
  • basic knowledge of programming and functions of basic applications for mobile
  • phones Ability to use mobile phone applications
# 1

Programming applicationsmobile phones - is a complex activity that requires knowledge and programming skills in major system platforms.Application for mobile phones operate on an object-server principle.That is, the main databases are on remote servers sites developers themselves, and on your mobile phone is set the application file that remotely manages the databases.

# 2

This scheme allows you to make mobile applications, interactive, it does not clog your phone and allows you to use the widest possible application, as well as to quickly adapt to emerging applications updates.

# 3

Most major mobile brands use different operating systems, but the main programming language, as well as to create applications for the PC, is Java.It's easy to learn the language and have a lot of development tools for it.It

now working to create applications for mobile phones mass of developers.

# 4

Most applications for mobile phones to create a universal system for all platforms and all models of mobile phones, if their design, you can use Java.The truth is because of the great competition in the mobile market for different phones have to use different versions of applications.

# 5

disadvantage of Java is weak language adaptation for creating games.Therefore, Nokia has developed its own set of tools create API applications.There is another problem considered the compatibility of different applications for different phone models - the possibility of screen resolution and color gamut.Until now, it was also difficult to create a versatile set of tools to support both image and language.Therefore, the application is available in several versions for different phones.

# 6

to create applications for mobile phones you will definitely need tools such as the Java 2 SDK and J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0., Which must be installed on your computer.

# 7

to create even the simplest program is best to use generic library to allow the application to run on any phone that supports Java MIDP 1.0.

# 8

start algorithm available: • Start & gt;Programs & gt;J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 & gt;KToolbar and create a new project (New Project).• Enter the name of the project (Project Name) and the name of the MIDlet Class Name of class.• In the project settings, change MicroEdition-Profile option on the MIDP-1.0.• The job is created J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0 and locate the subdirectory appsHellosrc it create "hhhMIDLet ».• After that, you must compile the program by pressing the «Build» and run it in the emulator ( «Run»).• In fact, created by the application.Test it by pressing Project & gt;Package & gt;Create Package.The files for download to the phone located in the the program directory.