How to measure the diagonal of the TV ?

How to measure the diagonal of the TV ?
You will need:
  • Roulette or centimeter
  • Calculator
  • Paper
  • handle
# 1

The first television came in 1936 thanks to Vladimir Zworykin - Russian emigrant, who lived inwhile in the United States.Today, this wonderful device is, perhaps, in every home.By the way, the diagonal of the first unit was only 5 inches.And how do you know the number of inches in his unit?How to measure the diagonal of the TV by yourself?The answer is more than simple.

# 2

The easiest way - to look at the packaging machine or enter the make and model of the TV in the search box on the Internet.The answer will be given a guaranteed and immediate.But suppose that the package somewhere got lost over time, and the internet connection is simply not available.In this case, you will need some patience to measure the diagonal of the TV.

# 3

First we need to find out the type of your TV.There are three most common types: CRT, plasma and LCD.If the TV is of the first type, the measurement of its diagonals take a coupl

e of seconds.One need only take a centimeter or roulette, and stretch from one corner to another.The resulting value will be the length and diagonal of the TV.

# 4

If TV LCD or plasma, the first thing should be to enable it.After this it is necessary to measure the length of the higher and lower sides of the image on the screen.Warning: it is necessary to measure the image rather than the screen itself, as the picture takes its entire area, and is enclosed in a black frame unobtrusive.For convenience, it is desirable to record all the data on a sheet of paper.

# 5

now comes into play familiar to all from the school of Pythagoras theorem.Everyone remembers how it sounds: "The square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides."In this case, the hypotenuse - is, of course, itself a diagonal.It is safe to put the value of the sides of the image, do not forget to pre-erect them in the square.And then it will help calculator.The resulting figure is the screen size.

# 6

In no event should not be forgotten that the reply is received in centimeters, and the diagonal of the TV often still indicated in inches.In order to express in inches diagonal, you need to divide that number by 2.4.And do not be surprised not quite beautiful result: it is impossible to measure the lengths of the sides exactly defined error will still be.It remains just to round that number.

# 7

And finally, an option for the lazy: the Internet you can easily find online calculators diagonal of the TV, in which you just need to enter the length of the higher and lower sides of the image, and the rest will make their own computer.Which option to choose the calculation of the diagonal - to decide each on their own.