How to collect refrigerators ?

How to collect refrigerators ?
You will need:
  • Refrigerator
  • Operating Instructions
  • place to install refrigerator
# 1

Those who wish to purchase a refrigerator, it is necessary to consider that its transportation should be carried out onlyin an upright position, otherwise damage may occur, requiring costly repairs.If you carry the refrigerator vertically is not possible, then the angle of inclination during transport should not be greater than 40 °.Before transporting the refrigerator, it must be removed from any additional elements.The refrigerator should be carefully packed, and its door - is securely locked, to prevent scratching the painted surface.Usually, the necessary conditions of carriage are described in the accompanying documentation.

# 2

So, fridge delivered to the destination.What's next?Many do not know how to build a refrigerator, so this task becomes almost impossible, but all things are possible.What you need to do - is to carefully read the instruction manual.It is important to check if there ar

e any signs of damage to the wiring.Finding the damage, it is best to immediately call a mechanic to avoid problems in the future.Even before the refrigerator connect to a network, you need to make sure that the voltage specified in the accompanying documentation, or on the back of the appliance corresponds to the operating voltage network.

# 3

Also important is the position of the power cord: it is in any case should not fall under the refrigerator, as this may result in a violation of his integrity, and as a result lead to electrical burns or even fire.To ensure productive work of the refrigerator it is important to consider a few points.It is necessary to maintain good air circulation in the place where there is a refrigerator.As it provide?The manual stated allowable distance from the wall to the refrigerator (as a rule, at least 5 cm).

# 4

Many difficult question of where to install the refrigerator so that it is not blocking up a lot of space.A key role is played here by the usability of the refrigeration unit.However, it is worth considering that the refrigerator should be at a considerable distance from heaters, stoves, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.Usually the instructions, which is offered to the cooling unit, described in detail how to collect refrigerators.For this extra help professionals often not required.