How to disassemble the dishwasher ?

How to disassemble the dishwasher ?
You will need:
  • guide to
  • dishwasher
  • screwdriver
  • pliers
# 1

In our constantly changing and improving technically century, every woman is trying to create in the kitchencomfort zone.Microwave ovens, furnaces, mixers.By constantly replenished household helpers list, modern lady adds and dishwasher.Over time, it becomes necessary to clean the filters and change some details.

# 2

How to disassemble the dishwasher without the need for costly service wizard?It's enough to be a little careful and understand the device.However, if there is any doubt, it is best to call a specialist.It is advisable to record or take pictures of each step, then to assemble it correctly.It is also necessary to prepare the tools: a set of screwdrivers and keys, pliers, pouches for small items.

# 3

The first step is to de-energize the machine and cut off the water supply valve.It is advisable to always have free access to them.This should take care in advance, before you install a dishwasher Bosch.Next you

need to disconnect all cables and hoses, and move the car in the space where the demolition will take place.Move must be with extreme caution and wear gloves to protect your hands.

# 4

Now you can begin disassembly of the machine.First Remove the rear panel.You must first remove the screws, this may need a key-head Torx T20.Removing the back wall, you need to disconnect the wiring harness from the valve of the bay, remove the screws holding the valve and remove the valve and the water inlet hose.Now you can remove the pan and remove the water from the machine.Before you clean the dishwasher by accumulated therein pieces of glass and other debris must be carefully dismantle the side panels and the door.

# 5

side panels and front door dealt with in the same way as the rear wall.The front door dismantled with extreme caution so as not to damage the hinge.All screws and other parts are set aside and are displayed on packages.Now you can remove accumulated debris and inspect the machine for the presence of faults.To avoid damage to the machine in the future, we must remember how to load the dishwasher and strictly adhere to these rules.

# 6

If the damage to the machine, you can fix on their own, for example, to change the hose or repair the wiring, then, after their removal, the machine is going into reverse.When assembling the dishwasher must use the recording or photo of each step disassembly.Before you use the dishwasher Vosch, you must make sure that no more spare parts and the machine is correctly assembled and connected.