How to set up a local area network ?

How to set up a local area network ?
You will need:
  • Network cable "Crossover" or "twisted pair"
  • Two network cards
  • Skills User Windows
  • Accuracy
# 1

first step is to physically connectcomputers together.Turn on the machine and insert the network cable into the pre-installed network cards.At the same time on each of them should come on one or two indicators.

# 2

you should now enter the menu "Start" - "Control Panel".It open the "Network Connections".This window on the left, select "Set up a home network or small office network."Immediately open "Network Setup Wizard" which will assist us with setting up your computer.Follow the wizard and click "Next".Soon, a window opens, informing us that the new equipment is detected.If your PC has only one NIC, there is nothing complicated, if several, for example, built into the motherboard, and the external network adapter, you need to choose the device that is connected to the cable.

# 3

Windows After these actions will offer you several options Connection: • The first pa

ragraph implies that you have an ADSL-modem and you want to through it were connected to the Internet and other PCs.• second option should be chosen if one of the computers are made by setting the first embodiment, in this case, the second computer can access the Internet via a gateway or the first computer.• The third point should be selected, if the modem is connected to the hub and therefore all other computers with the same settings will be able to use it to access the Internet.• The last point we choose in the event that an ADSL-modem is missing or you are not going to let someone other than yourself to connect through it to the Internet, but want to create a local network between computers.

# 4

In the next step a window appears in which you must specify the parameters by which the computer will be identified in the network.In the "Description PC" you can write whatever you want, but the "Computer Name" better to choose a good memorable.For each of the computers connected to the network, you need to come up with his name.

# 5

After that, you will be offered to write a workgroup name.By default, you are offered the name MSHOME, but we recommend that you still think of her and write it in large letters.

# 6

After that Windows Firewall wish to participate directly in the work of your local network, but we do not recommend to use.If the network is not connected to the Internet, it is not necessary, but if an Internet connection is, it is better to opt for a more reliable and high-quality programs.

# 7

After a couple of minutes, the connection is created, you must restart the computer to carry out.

# 8

After rebooting, go back to "Control Panel" - "Network Connections" and click the right mouse button to create a network connection and then "Properties", select at the bottom of the menu that appears.Then squander appeared down the list and select "Internet Protocol (TCP-IP) and click" Properties "button.

# 9

Select "Use the following IP-address", and write the address itself:, subnet mask automatically appears: "Standard gateway" put all the same IP-address - rest do not touch.Again restart your computer.

# 10

After rebooting your computer completely ready for work in a local network.On the other PC within the network, it is necessary to repeat the above operations.The only exception - in the IP-address on each new computer to increase the last digit by one.That is the second your computer is part of a network, the IP-address is it is with the address of the default gateway.

# 11

Now both computers are connected to the network and you can pass from one to the other files, play online games and chat.