How to put money on your card at the ATM ?

How to put money on your card at the ATM ?
You will need:
  • ATM
  • Card "Sberabanka"
  • PIN-code cards
  • Money
# 1

So urgently needed to put the money on the card "Savings" throughATM.Primarily, it is necessary to find an appropriate device.Not all ATMs are designed to replenish the cards.They have their own distinctive features.Usually, the desired units of green with a special device to insert notes.Find ATMs are possible both in the Bank's branches and in large shopping centers.

# 2

Once the desired ATM was found, the next task - to correctly insert the card into a special reader.But how to do that?Attention is drawn to the fact that when inserting the magnetic strip must be located at the bottom and the logo of a credit card ( "VISA", "MasterCard" and t. D.) Is closer to the lower left corner.ATM will then need to enter the PIN-code (the so-called bank card password).This code is reported to the cardholder at the time of its issuance.PIN-code has not known or is lost, you should immediately contact the nearest branch of the ba

nk in which the card issuance.When you enter the correct ATM PIN-code will react and show a special card service menu.

# 3

will be displayed eight menu items, through which you can quickly and easily perform operations with bank cards.Since it takes to fill up an electronic invoice, you should select "Insert cash."To do this, you need to touch the screen in the place where is located the appropriate item (if a touch screen) or click on one of the corresponding buttons located on perimeter boards.Then, the ATM will ask about the currency in which it is necessary to perform this operation.At this point, the monitor will show a special menu.By making the appropriate selection, ATM prompts to make money.Now you need to check the bill validator.Usually, at this point can be seen as a green flash bulb unit.This is a signal to the fact that the ATM is ready to take the money.

# 4

In this step, you may experience one of the most common problems: ATM does not want to accept the bill.Usually, this is due to several reasons.One of them - a violation of the integrity of the banknotes.Because of this, the device can not properly be considered nominal.Therefore, in order to make money in the bill validator, you must check whether the bill is torn.If the bill is too crumpled, it may also be the reason that the ATM can not accept the bill.To remedy this situation it is necessary to smooth and straighten the bill every corner.If it still refuses to accept the ATM banknote, you should replace it.

# 5

Device does not matter which side is inserted in his bill.Once the banknote has been accepted by ATM (usually hear a characteristic sound), check whether the device is properly read the denomination banknote.Typically, this value is displayed in the window "inserted amount."If the ATM did not accept the bill, it is necessary to flatten it again, or insert the other end.(WARNING! If the ATM did not want to take notes with par value of 5,000 rubles, it means the device is not updated, ie. A. Data notes have recently been improved. In this case, the other machine must be found.

# 6

If the bills are many, they must turn to invest in terminal. then, in the "inserted amount" will show the total amount of contributions received. it is necessary to check whether this figure corresponds to the top-up amount. If everything is correct, then you need to click on the "Continue" button or "screen Enter"on the keyboard. Machine starts to carry out the operation. at the end of these steps, the device will issue the card, and after a while will print a check on the procedure. If at any stage have any problems, you should immediately contact the technical support of the bank.