How to install on the iphone music to calls?

How to install on the iphone music to calls?
You will need:
  • iPhone
  • pre-installed on the device ringtone
  • few minutes of free time
# 1

person who wants to know how to iPhone set to music on call,moreover, to call on the melody sounded completely, it is recommended to read the explanation of the iTools software use.The first thing to do - is to download the software iTools.This can be done for free on Apple's official website.Then connect the iPhone itself to the PC and run the iTools.The left is the "Media" section, you need to go into it.On the right we see the "Ringtones", moves back and liked the song in the program.

# 2

Now the iPhone in the transition to the ringtone (Preferences - Sound - Ringtone) music you have downloaded, will first of all that there is on the phone, and just have to choose it.The following are the properties of such programs as iRinger and, of course, iTunes, which is also just downloaded from the Apple website.Initially the system iPhonesoderzhit set ringtones Thirty-length format, typical of iPhone

s - *.m4r.That is why you should use iRinger, operating under WinOS - program specially optimized for just under an appropriate format.* After slicing.mp3 using iRingeriPhone can easily read them.If the program is already downloaded and installed, you can safely run it.Next searched blue button with «IMPORT» picture of lightning, in the Explorer window, choose music that is suitable for a phone call.

# 3

After selecting a prepared file - click on "Open", then the program will start converting melody *.m4r.Convert the file takes time just a couple of seconds.With the button «PREVIEW» it is possible to adjust the length of the music that will be installed on the call as much.You can also click «FADE», and then the ringtone will sound at a smooth transition from quiet to loud.

# 4

After reaching the desired option tunes is time to press the button «EXPORT», and in the resulting window, click «Go!".There is given a name that appears on the phone, and the path to save the ringtone.Once finished iRinger create a melody pops up a window with «Success ...» inscription, which informs about the successful creation of the file.It remains the simplest.If suddenly down a PC is not iTunes, you should fix it by downloading it from the official website and the subsequent establishment.

# 5

then open iTunes, and proceeds to the column on the left of the "Ringtones", the pre-iPhone is connected to your computer.The next step: "File", then the choice - "Add Folder to Library" and "Add file to library" prescribed location path of the file created on the PC used.If it appears in the iTunes list with ringtones - go to the "Devices" and sync all ringtones - "All ringtones," and, of course, need to "sync" the device you want, in this case - directly to iPhone.This is such a simple method can be downloaded to the iPhone itself unusual ringtone.Now it is set not more difficult the basic melodies - simply by touching a finger to the previously mentioned title of the new music in the audio settings of your phone.

# 6

limit to the number of ringtones you want to download is not, therefore, for each person separate ringtone can be set in the phone list.To do this, again, is simple: "Contacts" - on the name of the person will be assigned a different ringtone - "Change" - "Ringtone" and, finally, the choice of music from the list.

# 7

Here are the instructions and came to an end.Without doubt, performing them step by step, each able to understand how to install iPhone music on call, and stop treating the number of people who are often even imagine could not, as a convenient and simple method for Soup by management were at their disposal.And now, every call will illuminate a happy owner and the people around him pleasant melodic sound, bringing to life a little more vivid emotions.