How do I find the serial number of the phone : the serial number of the phone samsung

How do I find the serial number of the phone : the serial number of the phone samsung
You will need:
  • phone or smartphone
  • box him
# 1

Knowing the serial number of your mobile phone is very important.Because it is unique and it helps you find your phone via satellite, even when it will change the sim card if lost or stolen.From English IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifie) translated (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a pyatnadtsatiznachnoe and number stitched on the phone.This code is automatically transmitted to a telephone network operator each time you turn on the network.If you lose your phone you need to write a statement to law enforcement agencies in which to specify the serial number of your mobile phone.This data is then sent to the mobile service provider to check out - uses any phone with IMEI.

# 2

There are several ways how to find the serial number.The easiest way - to find a box for this phone and examine it carefully, IMEI is normally applied under the bar code on the outside of the box.In that case, the code box is saved does not wa

nt to record the identification number separately or remember.If the box is not kept or were lost IMEI can be found through the mobile phone itself.There are two ways to find the serial number using the phone itself.

# 3

first way - to turn off the phone and remove its cap that holds the battery, pull the battery itself and look at the place beneath.Under the battery on the phone near the place where the installed SIM card must be affixed by the manufacturer silver sticker with the numbers, and it is our IMEI.

# 4

But some mobile phones built-in rechargeable battery and can not be removed without first dismantling the entire phone.In some models, the phone casing is not quite versed because it consists of a solid piece of material to the reliability of the housing.In this case, it fits the second and probably the easiest way - you must turn on your phone and type on the keyboard a set of characters - * # 06 #.On the phone screen, the figures seem to indicate the serial number.But you should pay attention to the fact that on some phones to check in this way, you must first insert the SIM card.