How to use the lens : tips novice photographer

How to use the lens : tips novice photographer
You will need:
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  • Lens
# 1

Nowadays SLR cameras gained huge popularity among the people and has almost completely replaced the so-called "Soap" from the shelves of homeart.Thanks SLR obtained very high quality and vibrant photos.It is this camera helps us to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the photo.Often beginners have to choose SLR camera, did not have any idea about how to use the lens.

# 2

learn how to properly handle SLR - not an easy task.Most people in order to understand something in it, you first need to read the instructions.It is also a very important task is to choose the right lens for the camera.For the novice photographer will be the most suitable whale.It's pretty easy to use, but of course has weaker characteristics than the wide-angle and portrait.In inexperienced photographers often the question arises, how to clean the lens.

# 3

So, can we do if the lens is somehow soiled?There are two ways to clean it: wet and dry.If the contamination is not

essential, you can use a special pencil.It is great help to cope with dust or fingerprints.If heavily soiled, use a wet cleaning method.In this case, you need to buy a special tool or use alcohol.To ensure the quality of the camera work is necessary to know how to check when buying a lens.

# 4

Unlike the camera, you can buy it is not a new lens.But, in order to avoid unpleasant emotions and experiences, should be given the time of his scrutiny.First, let's look at it externally and check for completeness.Then make sure there are no dents and scratches on the surface.If you suddenly show up scratches on the glass, it is better to abandon such an acquisition.Based on these actions, problems with how to choose the lens should arise.

# 5

In order to avoid any problems in using the camera, you need to deal with concepts such as focal length, sensor size, iris and zoom, before you choose a lens for SLRs.With mount lens attached to the camera.The diaphragm is responsible for the sharpness and brightness of the frame.The most accessible and popular camera using APS-C matrix, the size 6.7mm * 5.1mm.It should now be quite clear how to use and customize the lens reflex camera for taking pictures.