How to protect personal information in ICQ?

How to protect personal information in ICQ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Antivirus software
  • serious attitude to data protection
# 1

Install anti-virus software.With this it is necessary to start the question of virtual security.By the way, the same applies to the owners of smartphones.

# 2

official ICQ-client: ICQ-client - a program for exchanging messages.You can download it from a reliable source (icq com;. Official partner sites - Rambler, Yandex), and with any other sites that offer to do so.In the second case is a high risk that you set at the infected product that he himself and send his "host" your data.

# 3

Create a strong password pobespokoytes data protection from the very beginning, with registration - to come up with a complicated selection intruders password.Recall that it is not necessary to save your password in any form on the computer's hard drive.

# 4

Think about the number (UIN).Let us explain what we mean.Among users spread the fashion for the so-called "beautiful" numbers ICQ.No less pop

ular and are "short" (six-digit) number.The fact is that these rooms are located in the main risk (primarily "on sight" fall, of course, "beautiful" rooms).Therefore, think about whether you need to purchase such a number really.

# 5

Keep data secret.Under no circumstances do not forward, do not fit into the message text information that no one except you know it should not.To those concerns and password.Recall, by the way, about the threat of phishing attacks - do not believe the reports of scams, which for various reasons plausible ask you to send or enter your information on any website.It is better to inform about such a statement in the official support.

# 6

Make the necessary settings to filter unwanted messages ( "Control spam").From spam to protect.Unfortunately, the spam - it's not just annoying advertising newsletter.Spam can spread malicious structure, "mounted" in the text and in images.In addition, spam can contain links to websites that spread viruses.

# 7

In conclusion, let us return to the issue of the purchase of "beautiful" rooms: think - should I?In fact, there is a possibility that the seller is offering you this number, sells the stolen account.Should your purchase to promote this "work"?