How to disassemble the Nikon lens on their own ?

How to disassemble the Nikon lens on their own ?
You will need:
  • screwdriver
  • metal blade
  • Operating Instructions
# 1

This article will ease the lives of many photographers as it holds the best advice on the selection and operation of the lens tocamera.Although it is worth remembering that the image quality depends primarily on the photographer, and not from the inventory.How to disassemble the Nikon lens?First of all, you need to unscrew the screws on the lens barrel, remove the lens mount, continuing to unscrew remaining screws.Next, remove the ring, switch block, lens housing and disconnect the ribbon cable mount.

# 2

remove gum, peel the tape and remove the front part of the lens, the focus lens with metal blades.Then carefully unplug all cables from the motherboard, then you need to remove the board itself.Unscrew the screws holding the focusing system, and remove it.And yet - the lens disassembled.Of course, a true professional photos must be notified of all the details of his case, but still questions how to repair the lens

as it is to disassemble, etc. -.. Likely to techies, not a creative person.

# 3

Wondering how to choose a lens, it is first necessary to determine the purpose of acquiring the lens.It is noteworthy point about crop factor - how many times the camera matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčless for full-frame.For a beginner suit versatile lens option with a crop factor of 18-105 / 18-200 mm.For the more experienced photographer - you need to make a start in the choice of the main photo of the genre: for landscapes - telephoto wide-angle lens for portraits - portrait.How to choose wide-angle lens or a portrait - is the easiest way to learn is directly in the store.But in any case, a universal lens for all occasions exist.

# 4

After selecting and purchasing fotoinventrarya important to know how to align the lens.This should be the case when the lens focus falls past the forward (front focus) or backward (back focus).A procedure for the alignment of the lens - a setting of "miss rate" focus.This is done as follows: it is necessary to focus on a target using LiveView wide open, then turn off and turn LiveView One-ShotAF mode, focusing on the center.Then gently press the shutter button to start.In the case of constant focus position - the job is done, the lens is collimated.