How to shorten the gold chain ?

How to shorten the gold chain ?
You will need:
  • Gold chain
  • Approximately $ 10
  • little free time
# 1

Sometimes it happens that you become the owner or possessor of a thing thatyou do not fit.A striking example - jewelry.You have purchased in the shop (or you gave) a gold chain.And she came to you not - is too great.

# 2

But gold chain - it's not kopek souvenir and jewelry is not cheap, just put in a box and forget - it is impossible.And then in the head there is a question: "And it might be worth it to make a chain of smaller ones?Shorten, such as "And immediately raises a second question?;"And how it can be done?ยป

# 3

The best option - it is a familiar jeweler.If you are familiar with the person who is engaged in this kind of business, then you are lucky - just take him to shorten the chain and ask.How to shorten the gold chain, and how much it shortened - master will determine itself.In addition, if the jeweler - Your good friend, you can not worry about the safety of your chain and remaining after the shor

tening of the precious metal.

# 4

If a jeweler friend you do not, then take them to a chain in the jewelry shop.Some jewelers shops shorten the chain in front of you - that you were convinced that everything remains intact.Jewelry shops can be found in malls, shopping malls, jewelry stores.Ask your friends and acquaintances - if someone of them have already used this service, you will be able to give you good advice.

# 5

cost of such services is not very high: about $ 10, in some cases even less.So do not worry about the financial side of the issue - this service will cost you is not expensive.There is another option - instead of torturing yourself the question: "How to shorten the chain", it is better to think of little other use.

# 6

Chain if it is very long, can be wrapped around the wrist several times - get a wonderful bracelet.Or, if you have a thin woman, very long chain can be used as a belt - attach some bright hangers and get a very interesting accessory.The chain can be worn around the neck, wrapped twice and hung a small pendant, and you can tie a string bundle - it turns out is also very stylish.

# 7

If you do not want to shorten the chain, or use it as another accessory - not too scary.You can melt the chain on anything else.And you can just exchange the gold chain to another piece of jewelry by weight.So do not rush to shorten the chain - perhaps it will look great in your other roles?