How to fill the pen with ink ?

How to fill the pen with ink ?
You will need:
  • handle
  • capacity, which are ink
  • cloth to remove excess
  • ink Time
# 1

First of all, you should decide as toto what kind of handle refers.For example, it is possible to call models that suggest a piston or a cartridge that can be replaced.Another popular option - it is a model envelope.The following operation is described in more detail in the case of each technology type.

# 2

The envelope mechanism requires the unwinding of carry handles.Then the pen into the ink drops.To fill in a special container for ink in the pen, you should perform a simple movement.They are in turn the head of the converter.

# 3

To understand how to fill the pen with ink, it is important to remember that the rotation should be done in a clockwise direction.At the end should be in the opposite direction to carry out the rotation.Next he is going to handle.In case of formation of contamination from the ink, they can be removed with a cloth.

# 4

When topping model plunger handle is also

necessary to disassemble the handle on the basic components of the structure.It is necessary to disconnect the ink tank and the pen.Due to the rotation of the clamp capacitance can open it and get ink that poured into a jar.

# 5

Thereafter jar falls pen.Turns in a clockwise direction will make it possible to fill the tank.Sex trafficking in the opposite direction will allow to drain one drop of the composition.Thereafter, the piston returns to its original state.Then the tank which contains the ink set back into the handle.Surplus removed with a cloth.

# 6

To understand how to fill the fountain pen, which has a replaceable cartridge type, should be familiar with this process technology.First you need to unscrew the top element of design.This makes it possible to replace the old cartridge with a new.

# 7

to ink received, you must open a special valve.Light pressure on the cartridge will allow to remove the excess air, which is generated during the work.This will be the cause of a small amount of ink, just one drop.Dirt can be removed with a cloth.