How to equip a winter bait ?

How to equip a winter bait ?
You will need:
  • Rod
  • nod
  • rigid scaffold
  • Artificial Bait
  • sinker
# 1

To properly equip bait for winter, bezmotylevoy fishing,you need to select the appropriate shestik.And he is chosen on the basis of what kind of fish you want to catch.For example, if you are going to fish for perch, then you will approach standard plastic shestik.

# 2

At no great depth, it is important to shestik was flexible, it must extinguish the fish jerks, using fishing line depreciation.So the fish will be easier vyvazhivat, and limit the amount of disruption.Most coil has a convenient brake that allows you to change the depth quickly, and when winding fishing line is not twisted.

# 3

So before you make a fishing rod for winter fishing is to determine at what depth you will be fishing.For fishing in the five or six meters, then fit the small coil.With a short rod, easier to manipulate.But if you Rybachy walleye, it is best to use a rod genuine.

# 4

Since the bite can be sudden and severe.Therefor

e it is better to use a rod with longer handles.Now it is necessary to describe all the components of winter fishing rod.The most fundamental part of a fishing rod, a rod.To master the winter fishing rods novice, is not an easy task.You can practice on the universal bait.

# 5

Next, important detail, this nod.The best is considered a nod of boar bristles.But the factory is also not so bad.What it is also very important in the issue of how to equip a winter bait.You need hard woods, about 0.1 - 0.12 mm in diameter.If the storage conditions are met, then the imported fishing line does not get confused, retain their properties at break, so that it is more desirable to take to the ice.

# 6

Now you need to choose an artificial bait.It can be a lure, jig, or a rocker.To choose the right bait, you need to remove the shestika tulip, set the nod.The plate need to nod to nominate half, and a ring to hang jig.nod Edge should not fall lower than 5-8 millimeters.Now it is necessary to choose the float.It is better to choose float with a slot.This allows you to change it without having to remove snap-ins.