How to extend the gold chain ?

How to extend the gold chain ?
You will need:
  • Gold chain
  • gold bracelet
  • Gold pin
# 1

Gold is always appreciated and every year is only getting more expensive, and does not lose its positions.It is not rare gold and ornaments, including purchased as investments.But this gold is a great gift that will appeal to both men and women.But if the self-purchase of gold chains you can try it, when you receive it as a gift size does not fit.

# 2

Therefore, the question of how to extend a gold chain, a very common.The best thing you can do in this situation is to visit a specialist jeweler.There are craftsmen who work at home, you can find them on the advice of friends, there is also a variety of jewelry shops, where just deal with such kind of issues.Master you can choose the optimum length, or do all the work according to your wishes.Referring to the jeweler, you can be sure that the master will do everything in the best possible way.

# 3

Another option is to lengthen the chain, can be independent of its addition.You

can purchase a bracelet with the same chain with braided and dopayat it to the product.But this option has both positive and negative sides.The positive side is that you can save a little money, as an appeal to the jeweler will be more expensive.The downside is the time that you have instead of what would have to extend the product just spoil it.Of course, if you are familiar with the process of soldering gold, then you are afraid of, in principle, there is nothing.

# 4

to work you need a gold solder.The length of the chains can be changed less radical method, namely, you can use a gold pin.Bulavochkoy can put together two ends of the chain, so you will not only extend it, but to make a original design.You can place a pin on a few small kulonchiki that they neatly hung in front of the chain.Using this method, you can create an original decoration, which is hardly anywhere else can be found.