How to collect the bait ?

How to collect the bait ?
You will need:
  • Select the line
  • Attach float
  • Attach the hook
  • Attach the sinker
# 1

before finding rate for fishing, you need to collect your fishing tools - fishing rod.To get started is to list what gear we'll need for the job.Rod is made up of rods, lines, reels, floats, sinkers and hooks.If this is available, then you can begin to collect.If the composite rod, it is necessary to insert one of its components in one.

# 2

If the telescopic rod, simply pull it and fasten gear.It is worth knowing that the rod also be easily folded.First, you must select the line.If a person does not know how to make a fishing rod, the fishing line thickness, for him, it does not matter.Basically, the fishing line will fit a standard 0.2 mm thick.

# 3

It holds up to 2 kg.Usually, this is enough.Now you need to wind the fishing line onto the spool.Tie a line onto the reel, and reel in his fishing line.The next step should be attached to the fishing line float.Float need to choose bright colors m

ake it easy for them to follow in the water.Just have floats for different depths of water bodies, and different weather.

# 4

Once the float is attached, you need to attach the hook to the line.Tying it should be multiple nodes for greater reliability.Experienced anglers are advised not to leave the long end of the loess, near the hook.It can sting the fish and scare.The skill of how to collect the bait, such nuances are basic.Otherwise, you can stay without a catch.After securing the hook, it is necessary to fix a sinker.

# 5

can fix it, right on the pond, since this procedure is not complicated.Weight of the load, it is necessary to choose such that the float did not sink under its weight.Goods are sold in stores, but you can do it yourself, made of lead, or simply nuts.That and all the equipment for gathering rods.It remains to verify all the gear and run for fishing.One need only pick up a suitable pond, or simply one that is closest.Successful fishing.