How to make a fishing pole ?

You will need:
  • Escape birch
  • Knife
  • Emery
  • Lesko
  • Float
# 1

Why do the bait his own hands, when in special shops are full of these devices.And they presented for every taste and wallet?The answer is simple.For example, you have decided to try his hand at fishing, but are not sure if you will like this activity.And to spend money, not small, not very rational to test times.

# 2

Let's get started.To make the main part of the rod - rod is perfect for young shoot birch, wild cherry or maple.Its length should be about 1.8 meters.Cut it desirable in the autumn, when the wood is very durable.After you cut it, and before making the bait, it is necessary to cut all the branches.

# 3

Now you need to hang the bottom edge, in a dry place.And in the spring to remove from it all the bark with a knife, and sandpaper process.Now, it's time to equip the fishing rod for winding loess - motovischem.If you do not have such a device, it is possible to make an incision at the upper end of the rod a

nd reel in his fishing line.

# 4

Now you need to attach to the line float, hook, line and sinker.The float can be purchased at the store or do it yourself goose feather.Pre-clean the pen from down, attach a small weight on the bottom part of it, and paint a bright color, it is good to see him in the water.

# 5

Once the float is ready, it should attach a sinker.Not knowing how to make a fishing rod, you can substitute conventional sinkers attached nut, but not large.After fixing weights, you are ready to mount the hook.The most versatile hook is considered to be a hook, which direct the sting.And the most common hooks from the 3rd to the 5th room.

# 6

hook should be tied to the line a strong unit, and can be considered your homemade bait ready.To be sure, you can solder the hook assembly.Just share it with fire, and then squeeze the fingers, the line increases, and can not come loose.Now you can try your fishing rod in the case.But you know, fishing requires perseverance and patience.