How to polish the scratches on the glass ?

How to polish the scratches on the glass ?
You will need:
  • Toothpaste
  • soft cloth
  • Clearcoat
  • vinegar and mustard
  • patience and accuracy
# 1

Whatever you are careful handlingwith things from scratches on the glass, even the smallest, certainly never will prevent.Scratches can be very small and almost invisible, and can look frighteningly large and completely spoil the glass and the subject with him (whether the mobile phone, a watch or a car windshield).So, we will teach you how to polish the scratches on the glass.

# 2

So, take a soft cloth and toothpaste.Attention paste in any case must not contain abrasives, and should not be bleaching.Otherwise, the effect can be the exact opposite of the expected.You have to squeeze a little toothpaste on the cloth, and gently in a circular motion, polish your glass.This should be done for ten seconds, and then just wipe the paste off the glass with a dry cloth, and then rinse with water glass.

# 3

Do not be upset if the scratches do not disappear immediately.This method definitel

y works, just sometimes not immediately.Repeat the entire procedure, two, three, four times, until the scratches disappear.This method is well removes scratches on the lens glasses, glasses on mobile phone, glasses on the microwave and other appliances.

# 4

Another caveat - do not rub the glass too hard.So you run the risk of making scratches even more, or at all to crush the fragile glass.Remember, your movements should be light and smooth, and the pressing force - average.Another good method - drawing on the glass of the finest layer of transparent colorless varnish (polish).Inflicting layer, leave it to dry completely.

# 5

As zapolirovat scratch on the glass, if it is longer and coarser?Take dry mustard and ordinary vinegar, make a paste of them.To this mixture should behave in the same way as toothpaste - applied to the glass and polished with a soft cloth, making a circular motion.

# 6

these methods are good, and probably help you.But if your scratch is too deep, or it has chipped, spoiling the appearance of the subject, it should still refer to specialists.Now there are many special means by which it is possible to make the glass spoiled almost brand new!