How to care for gloss ?

How to care for gloss ?
You will need:
  • a soft cloth to remove dust
  • Wax
  • Vegetable oil
  • Kerosene
  • antistatic agents
# 1

huge amount of items produced in our time, with a glossysurface.This is due to the fact that the glossy objects look presentable even if not very high cost.However, the glossy surface requires special care.In order to gloss things for a long time remained in good condition, it needs constant care.

# 2

It should be remembered that the polished objects Dust faster than usual.Also, when rubbed shiny objects with a cloth, the surface is electrified, after which dust adheres even stronger.Remove dust from the paint surface, you can use a damp cloth, because water will increase the electrical conductivity, but after wet cleaning should be wiped with a dry cloth object, and then the dust will return to the surface.

# 3

solution of the problem, how to care for the gloss is in Antistatic.After applying the antistatic agent (often they are in the form of an aerosol), the surface coated layer

of a chemical becomes conductive.On the subjects covered by anti-static film, invisible to humans, the dust settles much more slowly.But apart from the enemies of the beautiful luster dust and stains are the dirt and grease.

# 4

From these spots luster fades, but it can be restored, causing the surface of a thin layer of oil.It will dissolve the dirt, and then all the spots to easily clean with a dry cloth.Care of gloss can also be performed by means of modern tools purchased for removing stains, oil-based, but they are full of harmful chemicals and solvents.Finish should be protected from direct sunlight, as this causes it to tarnish or even cracking of the upper layer.

# 5

To avoid such troubles in the gloss should be applied layer of wax, which neutralize the effects of sunlight, because many products for gloss care products include waxes.Glossy items that are in an open space, you need every day with a soft cloth to wipe dust, antistatic, and sprinkle about once a week.Also, the glossy surface can be cleaned with a mixture of kerosene and vegetable oil (5 to 1).