How to learn piano Year ?

How to learn piano Year ?
You will need:
  • ability to search for information on the Internet
  • Observation and care
  • application of physical force
  • ability to ask questions in the right place
# 1

So you wanted to knowthe age of your piano.But faced with the prevalent one problem - you do not know how to do it.In this article you will find everything you need to know the age of your piano.A little background.Primogenitors pianos were a piano.A production of the piano itself in its present form appeared in 1800. The author of this invention is John. Hawkins.

# 2

If you think that you have an antique piano, it is at all desire can not be older than 200 years.Determination of the piano manufacturer.After a brief historical overview we proceed directly to our main goal - defining year of production.In order to answer the question "how to learn piano Year" to you, most importantly, you need to define producer.Without this step, you will not be able to know the year of birth of your piano.

# 3

To determine the manufacturer can go one of two ways.The first way is a detailed examination of the piano and comparison with others, until finding his twin brother.Since no two absolutely identical to the production model pianos, you will be able to determine the piano manufacturer.

# 4

Going this way, it is important not to miss a single detail, because it is thanks to them you will find necessary.And do not forget, year piano in two models with minor differences can vary up to 20-30 years.Walking is the second way, you will need to find the name of the company at the piano.

# 5

In some models, the piano for this you have to remove the back cover.Here it is important to be attentive, although any label can help you find a manufacturer.Even the name of the models from different manufacturers may differ.But do not confuse model ever piano manufacturer.

# 6

Determination of release pianos.Once you know when and by whom it was made your piano to begin the most important part of the action.In fact - the definition of the year of production.Most importantly, you now need is to find the serial number of the piano.Since the serial number is unique for all the piano, using it and the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, you will learn your piano.

# 7

first step start your search on the official website of the manufacturer, if any.If the company has already closed or is foreign and realize anything is possible, there are a large number of thematic forums, where you can find a table matching serial number and year of manufacture, as well as simply to ask the experts, your brand with your serial number has been made in what year.

# 8

also sometimes still happens, comes antiques, which is handmade.And it has no information about the manufacturer or serial number.If that is the case, then one recommendation - refer to the master antiquarian.Or lay out photos of your piano on the discussion forums.Since their own to find out who and where the piano was made, will be problematic.