How to make a flower tree from napkins with their hands ?

How to make a flower tree from napkins with their hands ?
You will need:
  • Scotch tape and glue
  • Newspaper
  • Toothpicks
  • Gypsum
  • Napkins
# 1

Napkins, it is a very popular material in the manufacture of all kinds of crafts.Today, one can make a lot of decorative items, and even wood.To create a tree of napkins you will need masking tape, newspaper, skewers (toothpicks can be), container, plaster, glue, cloth.

# 2

First of all, you need to prepare the basis for a paper tree.The foundation is done with the help of newspapers.Just mosey it so that it turned out the ball, which then have to make the crown of the tree.So how to make a tree out of napkins, now consider.

# 3

ball wrapped masking tape, in order to consolidate and finalize.Now, you need to puncture the balloon and insert a skewer into it (any wooden stick).Next, you need to wrap the resulting tree trunk cloth.Then, in a container (aka the future "pot") gypsum and knead "sadim" tree.

# 4

Now we need to make the tree flowers from napkins.No wonder that the tree is called - fl

ower tree from napkins.Each layer to dissolve, and we get three more thin napkin.Fold them into a triangle, and we fix a stapler in the middle, and then cut out the circle of triangles.Then lift and ride up each layer of the resulting circle.Thus, the need to get roses.

# 5

You must then paste the resulting flowers in a circular manner.If the gaps between the flowers show up, then paint them the same color.Tree of wipes their hands almost ready, it remains only to decorate the pot.This can be done using the same tissue, and can be wrapped with foil.

# 6

You can still be pasted colored paper with beautiful appliqu├ęs.Gypsum can also be hidden by simply covering it with a napkin, but you can decorate it all depends on your imagination.Well, if you absolutely no any ideas to decorate the pot there, you can just wrap it in cloth, hidden in this and gypsum, and pot.But I hope that this does not happen, and your imagination is all right.