How to find out ip interlocutor on the network ?

How to find out ip interlocutor on the network ?
You will need:
  • program Skype
  • Login interlocutor
# 1

People who communicate in social network Vkontakte or on Skype, can live in different cities or countries.However, the profile specified in the country or city may not correspond to the actual place of human habitation.To find out the real location, you need to understand how to find the IP interlocutor.These communication services do not offer the opportunity for participants to see their own or someone else's IP-address.To find the address of your computer, you need to go to special services on the internet that will give this information.

# 2

VKontakte user profiles can always see a lot of personal photos in albums.Photos are updated periodically by people, adding new photos or change existing ones, so there is no need to get the photograph of a man, to see him.The Skype deal is a little different.This service is exclusively for communication, rather than filling the personal account photos, videos and music.There is a simple re

commendation, which will learn how to take pictures in Skype companion to keep him at the photo on the memory.

# 3

first need to run the program Skype.If the person who will communicate, not added to the contact list that you need to know to start his Skype login.The user must also be installed on the mobile device or computer to chat possible.Further, the Skype program window in the search box you need to enter a username person to profile appears in the list.Choosing matching, you need to add the user to your contact list.It is easy to understand how to find the interlocutor in Skype.

# 4

Earlier communication with this man was in a social network VKontakte, and now use this service to anything, and there is a desire to move to high-quality communication only in Skype, you can delete a profile in the social network.It is also easy to figure out how to remove your buddy, if the correspondence on this site will no longer be.You can either remove it from the list of friends, or to remove the conversation.

# 5

After Skype user approves the request to add to your contacts, select a video call to connect with someone and be able to do after his picture in real time.The interviewer should be on the network and when it answers the call, video calls will be made.Then you can click on the keyboard Prt Sc button, and paste the screen image in the Paint Editor, after that save it.You can crop the photo and print it if you wish.As can be seen, the instruction on how to see the interlocutor in Skype and how to make a picture of him is very simple.